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DATE : NAME : Ivan Ryban
MARK: 100 Radoslav Husár

1.History of medicine
2.Diseases of human
3.Review of diseases
4.AIDS - Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

History of Medicine
Beginning of medicine are dated to 500,000 BC. Ancestors of man was protecting himself against diseases by non-realised intervention. It was primitive medicine. Homo sapiens, who lived 100,000 years ago, in medicine made use of natural sources. Simultaneously they formed visions about good and bad ghosts. This was explanation of reason of diseases, recovers and death. It was magic medicine.

In ancient Greece, Asclepius (12th century BC) was up-graded to God of medicine. Also Hypocrites (460 - 377 BC), the Father of medicine grow up in Greece. He defended material base of function of human body. He formed basis of medical morality. His follower was Galleons (129 - 200 AD). Knowledge about body he got by dissecting of animals.

In 16th century AD, lived one of most famous doctors, Ján Jessenius (1566-1621) from Veľký Jasen. In 1600 AD, he did the first communal dissection. In that times, people's medicine spread in Slovakia. In 1770 Medical faculty was established in Trnava by Mária-Terézia, which was removed to Budín in 1777.
In 19th century, hard diseases occurs within Slovakia : Smallpox, cholera and scarlet. Progress of medicine on the beginning of 20th century we can see on hygienic conditions of people. Average age risen from 35 to 55 years, infant mortality decreased, infective diseases stopped spreading.

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