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Wake up to what you can do for the environment
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Over to you
Wake up to what you can do for the environment

We chose this topic, because we are interested in our and global environment. The environment is highly polluted all around the world, so we asked 50 people, mostly our schoolmates, whether they try to improve this situation or they pollute it more.

Lets revise what environmental problems is our planet Earth faced with. There are many of them, but the biggest are:
Green house effect or global warming is process of gradual warming, heating of Earth. If we does not stop it the oceanic sheets will be melted, the sea level will be increased and all coastal countries will be flooded. We should invent how to stop green house effect.
The next menace for our planet is enlarging of ozone hole. Ozone layer is layer of gases (mostly O3 - ozone) high above the Earth's surface, which helps to protect the Earth from the dangerous sun's ultraviolet rays. Since freons had been invented and used the ozone layer has been thickening (damaging).
Acid rain is being caused by the by-products of many factories. When sulphur trioxide reacts with water the weak sulphuric acid is formed (SO3 + H2O = H2SO4). Acid rains are destroying and harming nature - trees are suffering and being unable to produce oxygen, it destroys natural habitat of animals and so on.
The biggest human factor is deforestation. It is process of cutting many trees in forests and rainforests. We know that trees are producing oxygen which is absolutely necessary (crucial) for living creatures being.

We have asked four YES/NO questions:

1. Do you often throw rubbish away in the streets?
Yes 17
No 33
We think that 17 people from total of 50 is too much. We are not amazed that streets are dirty. Inhabitants of Slovak Republic are disloyal to their county. They are not realised what can it cause. In well-developed countries they have special workers whose work is to clean polluted streets. The difference between well-developed and our country is that they have much more of these workers than in Slovak Republic.

2. Do you gather used paper in order to get it recycled?
Yes 41
No 9
The most of our classmates and their families gather paper in order to help our environment but still a lot of paper is not getting recycled. Wasting of paper destroys our forests by process called deforestation. Many people gather paper because of money or toilet paper, they get from it as a refund, or there are some volunteers who do this to safe our forests. This collection is one the best developed in our county other are not as much developed as this.
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