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Beauty spots in the USA and Great Britain
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Beauty spots in the USA

New York

New York is one of the largest cities not only in the USA but in the world. The city has 5 parts: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Richmond. It is an important seaport and harbor. NY is nicknamed the Big Apple.
Its first name was New Amsterdam. The Dutch colonizers bought the island from Indians for beads and ornaments for 24 dollars. The Florentine navigator entered to NY. Bay. The area was explored by Henri Hudson. After him is named the Hudson River. Manhattan means Heavenly land. Manhattan is the best – known and the most beautiful part and it is famous for its skyscrapers. The avenues run north and south and the streets run east and west.
Wall Street is the most important financial and commercial centre of the world.
Empire State Building – there is a beautiful view of NY. It was the tallest building for the long time.
World Trade Center was nicknamed the twins. On September 11th were destroyed in terrorist attack.
The Rockefeller Center is a complex of skyscrapers. There are many banks, expensive restaurants, luxurious shops and parks. You can meet many famous people there – actors and actresses, writers, artists. The apartments are very expensive.
The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and is the best-known of NY´s bridges.
Statue of Liberty – stands on the Liberty Island in the New York’s harbor. It greets all the people coming to NY. It is a symbol of democracy, freedom and justice for all people. It stands on a huge pedestal. In one arm she holds a torch and under the other she has the book of laws. The statue was designed and made in France and was transported to the States on ships. It was a present from France.
Broadway – is the best known street in NY. It is a centre of culture, art and entertainment with many famous theatres, concert hall and cinemas.
The 5th avenue belongs to the most famous too. There are luxurious shops, office buildings and residential houses.
The Central park is the largest park in the world. New Yorkers come here to relax. They can do sports here, they can have picnics on the grass, play games, they can walk their dogs of have a meal or a drink in of many restaurants. But at night it is a dangerous place where many homeless people and criminals are. People can be easily robbed or even killed.
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