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Public transport system – PTS – includes buses, trams, trolley – buses, underground. In BA we don´t have an underground. Travelling by PTS is sometimes horrible. Especially during the morning and the afternoon rush hour when all means of transportation are overcrowded. There are many traffic jams on bridges.
If you want travel by PTS you must have a seasonal ticket or a valid single ticket. The ticket is valid when it is marked in the ticket marker. Black passengers must pay a fine if they are caught by a ticket inspector without valid ticket. The fare in BA is high.

Travelling by train is not very comfortable if you go by slow trains which stop at every station. Fast trains and international through trains are faster and they stop only in big stations. They usually have a dining car where you can have a snack or a drink and sleeping car where you can reserve a berth (a couchette) if you are travelling for a very long distance.

Cycling is very healthy and many people ride their bikes. My people in villages use bikes as a means of transportation for shorter distances.
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