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Transnational relations between EU and USA (Economic dimension)
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2. A new Transatlantic agenda
In 1995 the New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA) and the EU-US Joint Action Plan was adopted. The NTA and the Action Plan provide a framework for EU-US partnership and cooperation across a wide range of activities under four broad chapters:

1. Promoting peace and stability, democracy and development around the world. Together, EU and USA will work for an increasingly stable and prosperous Europe; foster democracy and economic reform in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Russia, Ukraine and other new independent states; secure peace in the Middle East; advance human rights; promote non-proliferation and cooperate on development and humanitarian assistance.

2. Responding to global challenges. Together, EU and USA will fight international crime, drug-trafficking and terrorism; address the needs of refugees and displaced persons; protect the environment and combat disease.

3. Contributing to the expansion of world trade and closer economic relations. Together, EU and USA will strengthen the multilateral trading system and take concrete, practical steps to promote closer economic relations between us.

4. Building bridges across the Atlantic. Together, EU and USA will work with our business people, scientists, educators and others to improve communication and to ensure that future generations remain as committed as we are to developing a full and equal partnership.
Within this Framework, an extensive Joint EU/U.S. Action Plan has been developed. Special priority between now and next Summit is given to the following actions:

Both sides pledge to work boldly and rapidly, together and with other partners, to implement the peace, to assist recovery of the war-ravaged regions of the former Yugoslavia and to support economic and political reform and new democratic institutions. Several tasks have to be ensured: (1) respect for human rights, for the rights of minorities and for the rights of refugees and displaced persons, in particular the right of return; (2) respect for the work of the War Crimes Tribunal, established by the United Nations Security Council, in order to ensure international criminal accountability; (3) the establishment of a framework for free and fair elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina as soon as conditions permit and (4) the implementation of the agreed process for arms control, disarmament and confidence-building measures.
Both sides will support the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in their efforts to restructure their economies and strengthen their democratic and market institutions, as well as are determined to reinforce the cooperation to consolidate democracy and stability in Russia, Ukraine and other new independent states. Both sides reaffirm our commitment to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.
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