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Transnational relations between EU and USA (Economic dimension)
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EU and U.S. are determined to take new steps in their common battle against the scourges of international crime, drug trafficking and terrorism. An active, practical cooperation between the U.S. and the future European Police Office, EUROPOL is to be created.
EU and U.S. will work together to strengthen multilateral efforts to protect the global environment and to develop environmental policy strategies for sustainable world-wide growth. Both sides will coordinate their negotiating positions on major global environmental issues, such as climate change, ozone layer depletion, persistent organic pollutants, desertification and erosion and contaminated soils. Coordinated initiatives to disseminate environmental technologies and to reduce the public health risks from hazardous substances should be undertaken.
Both sides are committed to develop and implement an effective global early warning system and response network for new and re-emerging communicable diseases such as AIDS and the Ebola virus, and to increase training and professional exchanges in this area. Together, they call on other nations to join the allies in more effectively combating such diseases.

EU and U.S. have a special responsibility to strengthen the multilateral trading system, to support the World Trade Organisation and to lead the way in opening markets to trade and investment. Both sides will contribute to the expansion of world trade by fully implementing Uruguay Round commitments. In this context the possibility of agreeing on a mutually satisfactory package of tariff reductions on industrial products will be explored. EU and U.S. will work together for the successful conclusion of a Multilateral Agreement on Investment at the OECD that espouses strong principles on international investment liberalisation and protection. Both sides will cooperate in creating additional trading opportunities, bilaterally and throughout the world. A New Transatlantic Marketplace will be created. A joint study on ways of facilitating trade in goods and services and further reducing or eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers will be carried out. To allow people to take full advantage of newly developed information technology and services, both sides will work toward the realisation of a Transatlantic Information Society.
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