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Introduction of Britain
States of Great Britain are England, Scotland, Wales and independence state – Ireland. London is capital city of Great Britain. The rest important cities are Edinburgh and Cambridge. Head of the Queen is picture on coins. In England be situated Stone Hange. What is it? Calendar or clock?

Children in England attend primary school from 5 years, secondary school from 11 years, general certificate of second education from 16 and “A” Level from 18 years. Pupils study Maths, Science (Chemistry, Physic), Languages French, Spanish, Italian, Biology, Geography, Cook and other. They have end of school at 4 o’clock. They have better and more varied food in the refreshment room than we. Children of rich parents attend Independence schools.

Englishmen get milk in front of door. On breakfast they eat cereals, butter, bacon, egg, sausage, coffee and snack. They buy convenience foods in supermarket. You can find Chinese, Italian and Spanish restaurants. They like fast foods as fish and chips (with vinegar).

You can see old, new, large and small houses in England. You can in the living room play games, watch TV, read newspapers or something other. In the English kitchen are microwave, fridge, sink and washing machine. In the house are dining room, nursery, parent’s room, and bathroom. Some houses have garden, other are like castles or some people live at a boat.

Englishmen are interested in various sports. Swim, golf, cricket, football, horse racing, motocross racing, rugby, athletic, curling… In England are 20,000 swimming pools.

They celebrate similar festivals as we. Festival people in love is saint Valentine’s day. At the Halloween they frighten each other. At X-mas (Christmas) they give presents each other and at Thanksgiving day they eat roast turkey.

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