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Window of Britain
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In Britain live 59 millions people and work 27 millions. The most people work in the full time.
For instance: in the car factory work 2000 people.
London is on first place in Europe and at third place on world from point of view money.

August is one from the most popular months for holiday. Englishmen travel on Florida because in that place is more sun and warmer. From 19th century they begin travel on holiday in the big cities. But also in the Britain you can spend holiday. You can swim, windsurfing and any other sports. Some people like camping in tent or caravan. They like the lot of sunshine. They say that sleep on the boat is very relaxing.

They have home and wild animals. They keep cows, pigs, sheep, turkeys, chickens and horses. In the wild nature live deer, red deer, badger, rabbit, hedgehog, fox, squirrel, golden eagle and many others. Horses are very important in Britain – they use horses on horse racing. Swans are in Britain protecting. Favourite pets are dogs, cats and fishes. Doctors for animals are vets. People take ill animals to vet (dogs, cats, rabbits).

In Great Britain are print newspapers and magazines. British love newspapers. They read Sun, Mirror… Any have not very serious news. Some people read newspapers on Internet. In Britain are many radio stations. The most known British radio station on world is BBC. They have many TV stations. ITV, Channel 4, 5 – independent TVs. Young people watch TV at night.

British in free time listen music, watch TV, doing sports (skateboarding, swimming, and other). Adults go to a pub on drink. Going to library, cinema, disco at nightclub, at football match, horse racing, cricket match or roller coaster – also in this way spend Englishmen their free time.

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