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The Prince and the Pauper
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Main characters: Tom Canty, Prince Edward
Side characters : Miles Hendon, John Canty, Henry VIII., Basil

Main idea: When king know life of his poor people, he can become better king and person .
Climax : Coronation of Tom.

This is the first historical novel that Mark Twain wrote. Historical novel means that it is novel with historical basic.
Story is seat in Westminster in Londonin 1547. It is about two different world – world of poor people and world of princs and kings. In the concrete about world of poor boy Tom Canty and world of English Prince of Royal Edward. The basic of story create exchange of identity between Tom and prince Edward. Tom staied in palace and Edward went to the streets. He early saw and felt life of poor, that is very hard and often very cruel. After this finding he wanted to go back home – to palace. But noone believed him that he is prince. They thought he is mad. Only one person helped him – Miles Hendon. At last he came to coronation of Tom. There they changed back their identities. Edward became the King of Great Britain and Tom became his best friend. Edward as the king Edward I. gave back to sir Miles Hendon his stolen lands.
This book was very educational and interesting. I like this book and i can recommend it to everyone.
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