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Marketing plan
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Ø Product:
- Four self-contained rooms in a normal house layout.
- Features fully furnished rooms with air conditioning to combat the hot Perth weather.
- Brand new up market chic homes.
- Minimal maintenance, easy care.
- Separate billing of utilities, eliminating conflicts amongst tenants.
- An innovative design property that ensures tenants enjoy the comfort of a modern house without the burden of high rental rates.

Ø Place:
- Channel of distribution is from manufacturer straight to end consumers (tenants).
- Location of houses will be close to amenities.

Ø Promotion:
- Promotion through internet (REIWA website, rental websites).
- Advertising through newspapers.

Ø Price:
- Long term lease (12 months) - $135.00
- Short term lease (6 months or less) - $150.00

2.2.3 Resources Needed

- Staff to process rental payments and monitor occupancy rate.
- Staff to maintain the properties.
- Financial backup in times of difficulty.

2.2.4 Product Positioning

- A differentiated product that sets us apart from our competitors.
- An innovative design of four self contained “units” in the confines of a home to attract innovators/trendsetters.
- The name of the brand will make consumers perceive the brand as “in” or “cool”.


3.1 Product design and development
Design: Four self contained units, with an attached bathroom each, communal easy clean kitchen, dining and living area and spacious laundry.
The backyard has been landscaped with a pergola entertaining area.
We chose the name ‘Quatra a Prima’ because it represents the general concept of our properties, since all the houses will have 4 self-contained ‘units’ under one roof.
The logo features an outline of a house, within which a number 4 will be made of four people figures. Essentially, there will be a minimum of one person living in the room.
We chose the following slogan to represent the brand;
Viva a prima… Live it First.

Development: Conduct surveys asking a range of demographically differentiated people if they would live in a 4 unit home, like Quatra a Prima offers.
Further down the track if the demand outfits supply, we will look at developing more such properties.

3.2 Location Decision
We will place 2 properties in Bentley and 2 in Murdoch, To provide for our main target market, the students.

3.3 Promotion Plan

3.4 Pricing Decision

We assume 90% Occupancy Rate.
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