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Holiday report
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Dear Jane,

How are you? I'm fine. I'm on Hawai and all is perfect. The weather is not like home, always raining and under clouds, but the sun is shining all the time. You wouldn't believe how friendly the people here are. They great you so as if they know you the whole life. I enjoy every moment. The city is full of wonderful sights, restaurants and places you can have fun all day and night.

I share an apartment with the hotel owner's daughter. It's much cheaper. She's very fine, she shows me all the interesting things I want to see and organise trips through the country. The food in the hotel is a little bit different from our, but it tastes as good as home, especially the scallops.

The shop's aren't open every day, so I'm shopping only Saturday's. I have even bought something for you.

Much love,
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