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To: George Michael
From: Big Lebowski
Re: Mocenok Public Squad

As requested, I visited the potential tourist attraction in my local area. The most visited and brand new building is the sport hall given into use from 28th August 2004. Here is a list with some points of interest and a recommendation.

1. Although the sport hall was built within five years, which is a remarkable long time, it is smaller and has a capacity for only 200 people. The general purpose is for the local volleybal team to train during the winter months.

2. The facility is located only 500m from the centerum, however, there are no parking places. During some actions in the hall the cars block the whole street, which has a big influence on the whole traffic in the beside regions of the village. Another 500m the same way is the football stadium and a little shop.

3. This facility is momentaly used as a all weather hall for larger events like the 'Dychfest' or some grand opening, because it has the largest capacity. The price of a ticket for a volleybal match is 30 crowns. The price of a private use for one hour is 600 crown. On the other hand you get a wonderful atmosfere with your friends.

This is a little sport facility, but the largest hall in the village. I think it will be more popular during the winter months not even for sportsman, but for some bigger young groups. I recommend to consider about:
a) parking places,
b) a buffet or a little smack bar within the facility,
c) lower the prices for students and other groups,
d) in the future to built a complex involving the sport hall and the football stadium.
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