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Responding an job advertisment
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Dear Mr David Kennedy

I'm writing you as a respond to your advertisment in the newspaper. I'm looking for a summer job in England and would like to take part in your Treetops activity center.

I think I'm perfect for this job, because my parents own a restaurant and there's always a lot of work, so you lear a lot how to behave correct. Also I have four younger brothers and sisters. I'm eighteen and so I have to look after them. In school I like playing basketball. We have our own basketball team, whit which I spent a lot of time. Of course swimming in school is another activity, which I train a lot. But what I'm really keen on is playing tenis. I play every second with my siblings in our garden. Another of my talents is that I can speak fluently Ebglish and other foreign langueages (German).

The job I would like to do in your center is a sport leader or a cook. Unfortunately I'm available only from 15 June, when the college ends.

Yours faithfuly,

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