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The Olympic Flame is lit with a torch that is brought by a relay of athletes from the ruins of ancient Olympia in Greece. When the Games are completed, the flag is lowered and the flame extinguished. There are also some negative effects related to sport activity. At first I can mention about doping. It’s using forbidden drugs which can stimulate your body to reach higher performance. Except these stuffs exist also mild drugs which are accepted.

Doping affair can harm sportman’s good reputation and it can make his further career impossilble for a few months or years. Some scandals are not based on real facts. People or press can only increase someone’s neagtive popularity.

Sport fame may be a good thing but some persons can not get on with their popularity very well. They earn much money and then sometimes don’t know what to do with them. For example if they lost their interest in sport they can fall for drugs, alcohol. Their lifes are trashed out in gutter press. It is sometimes very similiar as with actors or other famous people. But of course this is not case of everyone. There are also rich people who got their money from sport career and than dedicate them for humanitarian targets or sport increase in their country. For example some Slovak ice-hockey players who play NHL gave some money for hockey youth in Slovakia.

Together with modern society has also developed modern sport. People have to live in relative material sufficiency to think about improving their health and body condition. Or only do something in their free time or just for fun.
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