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Sport is a simply word which one includes a wide range of activities what people can do in their free time or professional life. Sport was in past mainly related to nature. Nowadays is everything in completely another level. Behind sport often stand money and we can’t truly imagine how huge amounts there are. Many branches of sport became in recent years the real industry. Especially collective sports such as for example are hockey or football. Football is the most popular world sport at all. There is almost no country where there are people who don’t know this famous game. On north hemisphere is ice hockey also very popular. Once a year is organized a world championship in ice hockey. However it’s called world championship there are only European countries with Canada, USA and one Asian representative. This reality gives evidence of very quality hockey school in Europe. North America has its National Hockey League which pays the best players in the world and has great level of quality. Our country Slovakia together with Czech Republic also belongs to the world top ten teams.

From individual sports are spectatorial attractive mainly athletics in summer and skiing in winter. Quite interesting is road cycling with its world most popular competition Tour de France. Some people say it is the hardest race at all. Together with progress of television broadcasting becomes more watched also swimming and tennis. I do not any sport professionally, but I have quite good physical condition to do something recreationally. I have gone to school by bicycle a few years. It is very important kind of transport for me. Due to this is cycling the sport I do also when I haven’t to quickly transfer myself somewhere.

My opinion is sport has a great importance for progress of personality. For some people it is not only the body movement or playing strategy but it’s a life philosophy. Sport activity can cultivate also will and character qualities. Sportsmen are mostly directed to behave honestly and nobly. If you want to do some sport on higher level as it is usual you have to have a will something to attain. I remember when once famous cyclist Lance Armstrong said: Cycling is masochism. Of course he thought about professional career not about cycling as it is, but there is a little bit true about it.

Sport games and events around can also develop negative qualities those people taking part in. For example football fans, especially British, travelling round Europe and doing vandalism. I don’t want to say this about all football fans. This is only the one problem of negative influence of sport on people. Sport itself doesn’t take responsibility for their behaviour. It would by a mistake when we think so. Visiting football matches is the opportunity for some types doing what they wouldn’t do in ordinary life.

Watching country is also better from bicycle than for example from bus or car. Not so many people know that feeling riding down some mountain route or meadow. It’s a speed experience. Of course only when your bike is able to go this speed without any later damages or without disturbing riding comfort.  Many of us think the most important benefit from doing some sport is improving our physical condition. And I can confirm your opinion. It’s really true. Sport is easy way to have your health devotion on a quite good level. By this you can also do something for your mind and soul. It is great when sport activity brings you fun and pleasure. For example some kinds of sport develop primary more physical conditions, but there are also sports improving mainly logical thinking. The most known is especially chess, one of the oldest logical games in the world which fascinate its fans so far.

Do you know something about scrabble? This is also a game of the same group as chess. But it is not so for logic like for memory. It tests your ability to create new words as many as possible with letters which you have received at beginning of the game. Words are connected themselves this way. Any letter from one word can be the first letter of the new word. Every new created word is evaluated by relevant amount of points according to the length of the word. Even there is something as league in this game where there are organized members playing scrabble with each other.  The first Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. At first, only one race (the sprint) was run. Later, the discus and javelin throw, broad jumping and wrestling were added. The Olympic Games were held for more than 1,000 years. They were abolished by the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius in 394 A.D.

The Games were revived in 1896 to promote understanding and friendship among nations. The first modern games were held in Athens, Greece. Young men and women come from all over the world to compete in various sports and represent their country. They live in an Olympic Village at the site of the games.

The Olympic Games are organized and governed by the International Olympic Commitee (IOC). It sets the general program, chooses the city where the games are to be held, and determines the standards of amateurism. Each participating country has a National Olympic Commitee that is responsible for arranging the participation of the nation's athletes in the games.  The opening ceremony of each Olympic Games is held in a major stadium. The president of the host nation usually officiates. Led by athletes from Greece, all athletes march around the stadium in the parade of Nations. Then, facing the Olympic Flag, the athletes take the Olympic Oath:  We swear that we will take part in these Olympic Games in the true spirit of sportsmanship, and that we will respect and abide by the rules that govern them, for the glory of sport and the honor of our country.
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