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History of the USA
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1. Early America

1.1 The first Americans
Round 34-35000 BC, at the height of Stone Age, much of the water was frozen, the Barents strait 1500 km wide was like a road from Siberia to Alaska, what enabled the first people to come to America. They were hunting for food – they followed the game to Alaska in order to survive, once in Alaska it would take thousands of years to get through the North America

Later on, round 12000 BC – life was probably established on the western hemisphere at the time, the mammoth was dying out, the bison took their place as a principle source of food, overtime they started to eat plants – they enriched their nutrition.
By 3000 BC a primitive corn was being grown in New Mexico and Arizona – a strange culture, they buried their dead people in pyramids of earth.
By that time in Mexico, irrigation and canal system had already existed.

1.2 The Mound builders and Pueblos
The first Indian group to build mounds were the Adenans. They started to construct earthen burial sights and fortifications 600 BC, but they disappeared. It is said, that they were replaced by group of other Indians – Hopewillians. This group of Indians died round 500 AD out, they gave way to other group of Indians – Mississipians, who used the plenty of place round Mississipi. This culture had also build mounds (30 m high, at the base of 37 hectares) and left some kind of hieroglyphs, but what is the most important to be said, they were mostly a SPEAKING CULTURE (high value of recounting tales).

1.3 The first Europeans
The fist Europeans to arrive in North America were Norse from Greenland - Eric the Red, he founded a settlement in North Canada 985 AD. In the year 1001 his son Leif explored the NE coast of Canada and spent one winter there (New Foundland).
But North America was consciously discovered by Christopher Columbus on October12, 1492. Colombus, who was an Italian sailor in the service of the Spanish Kingdom, arrived at the Bahamas (San Salvador). Originally, he was looking for a western passage to India. That is why he called the original inhabitants Indians

He died happily, because he thought that he fulfilled his mission. 1497 Another Itallian John Cabbot, a Venetian navigator –arrived at the New Foundland on a mission under the British crown. The springing point is that Columbus had never seen earth, but John Cabbots trip later provided the bases for British clans to North America
After the first Columbian landings the Spanish explorations in America could start.
The first of them was in the year 1513, when a group of men guided by Juan Ponce de Leon went from Bahamas and landed later in the Florida bay – the exploration of the continent started.
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