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Last Samurai
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USA 2003; 154 minutes; czech captions; not appropriate for children younger than 12zears old

DIRECTION: Edward Zwick; CAMERA: John Toll; MUSIC: Hans Zimmer; SCRIPT: John Logan, Marshall Herskovitz, Edward Zwick; STARRING: Tom Cruise (Nathan Algren), Ken Watanabe (Katsumoto), Billy Connoly (Zebulon Grant), Tony Goldwyn (Benjamin Bagley), Koyuki (Taka), Tinnothy Spall (Simon Graham), ...; PREMIERE: 19/2/2004;

Samurais had to be brave, honourable, courteous and faithful to their lord. They were prepared to give up their lives for him. Nathan Algren is a hero of American Civil War. He gets a lot of money from the Japanese government and is asked to train their army to fight in the western style with modern weapons. Nathan Algren leaves to Japan after he has dedicated the whole summer to the preparation. However, the Samurais kidnaped him in the first fight. He is imprisoned in the house of a woman called Taka, whose husband and father of her sons he has killed. He studies Japanese culture and art for the whole winter and he joins the Samurais. In spring he is perfectly ready to fight against the Japanese government and army, who want to destroy all the Samurais and build a new, modern state. They have got more soldiers and American technology. Finnaly, the Japanese government beats the Samurais. Everyone is dead. Everyone except of Nathan Algren. Nathan survives.
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