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The Milady of Čachtice (Čachtická pani)
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The rebels in the meantime take action. There are secretly buried bodies of young girls in the grave under the Čachtice church. The rebels took the coffins out and uncovered them so that the skeletons could be seen. The next day Jan Poniceus finds a letter from his predecessor's murderer in one of the coffins where he blamed Alžbeta Báthory for the young girl’s murder and many other bestial crimes. The anger of the people turns against Milady, but she orders the capture of all the rebels. Pavel Lederer betrayed his friend Jan Kalina for appearance's sake and for stronger truth between him and his Milady. Before they had had enough time to execute him, the catchpoles are lured out for the fight with the rebels and the bloody battle begins. Eržika saves life to brave Andrej, shortly after he over shot Ficko hand that he used to shoot Andrej. Eržika ran away from the house with her brothers’ help and this way she helped to rebels win the fight.

In the meantime there is the conference in Čachtice before executing of Jan Kalina, where the Alzbeta was as well. When it is time to bring Kalina they find out the jail is empty. Vavro the rebel who jumps out of the queue hurts Milady with hot pliers and he runs away. Milady's strength is at its end and she vents her anger on 12 dressmakers with the help of her three maidservants –Ilona, Dora and Anna. None of these young girls survived their bestial torture. But that wasn’t it, Milady wanted to try the iron virgin. Marisa was the right victim Marisa, Jan Kalian’s love. At the last moment the stranger saved her and he locks the milady with her three maidservants in the basement. However, after few hours the omnipresent Ficko sets them free. Immediately after that The Milady goes to Prešpork to ask for help against to rebels. She takes Eržika with her to banish the rebel, Andrej Drozd, from her heart.

In the castle, life goes on. Ficko wants to avenge the Imrich captain of the catchpoles for ignominy, because Imrich degraded him in front of Alžbeta and she fell in love with the same girl as he did, with Jan Kalian's sister – Magdula Kalina. She was hiding and Pavel Lederer brought her to the rebel's group.
Ficko puts Imrich in jail, but Lederer sets him free and he joins the rebels.  There is supposed to be a party in Esterhazys´in Prešpork, where Eržika should meet her expectant husband Earl Nyár. The Earl is known as an old philanderer and he is forced to accept marriage with an inferior woman, because Alžbeta has documents about the girls’ sold to Turkish king, which can damage his reputation. Alzbeta goes to her mysterious man whom she had met by the river Váh years ago, but he is not interested.

Báthory comes back to Čachtice with an assurance of army support and with the promise of Earl Nyár to marry Eržika. But there waits an unpleasant surprise. Ficko has poisoned VIRHAR (the horse), but at the last minute he makes it look as if the prisoner is ANNA Drabul, Alžbeta´s maidservant. She kills her immediately.

On 10th May 1610 soldiers comes to Čachtice. The poor accommodate them.
During that time the events take a fast course. Eržika is supposed to marry the Earl, but at the last moment Andrej, Eržika´s love, kidnaps her from the altar. Earl Nyár takes the exhibit documents and destroys them. Alžbeta tries to shoot Nyár, but his suit of armour saves him. He sets the girls from the jail free and he humiliates Alžbeta by putting her on the rack.

The marriage between Eržika and Andrej was held at Nyár's castle. The Milady was at the end of her power. She felt sadness in her soul, she was humiliated in front of the plebs, and the bloody baths weren’t helping any more. In Čachtice a rebellion breaks out. The rebels were saved and Ficko and Milady’s maidservants were captured. There was a court of law in Bytča. The executioner cut Dora’s and Iona’s fingers with hot pliers and Ficko was only beheaded because of his young age. The Milady of Čachtice was imprisoned in her own jail, where she tortured her victims and she died presently without light or solace, lonely and spurned by the whole world.
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