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House or flat?

House or flat?

It is a difficult question. Someone says that living in a house is better than in a flat and sameone the opposite. I live in a house. I have always prefered it. In a house you have more place for your living. Every member of the family can have you’re his/her room. Beside a house there is usually a garden, so children can play in the garden and they needn`t to play on the street. Houses usually have a garage. It`s very good for man`s favourite.

Flats are much smaller. Of course, you can live in a flat, which is bigger than a house. But in Slovakia it isn`t very common. Most people live in a 3-rooms or 2-rooms flat. In these flats you have usually not so much place as in a house. If a family has more children, the children must live in one room together.

Personally, I prefer a house. I don`t know living in a flat. I have never lived in a flat. In two years, I should move to a flat, because I`m married and I`m living with my parents.I should move to my grandmother`s flat. Now I`m afraid of it. I don`t know, where I`ll hang our wet clothing, now I hang it in our garden.

In a flat there is ever a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a small entry. If you have 2-rooms flat, you have only a living room and a bedroom or living room, which is contemporaneosly a bedroom and a children`s room. In a 3-rooms flat you can still have  a children`s room (or workroom). In a 1-room flat is only a living room, which is contemporaneosly a bedroom.

Houses usually have more rooms. It depends on the type of the house. In a house can be more bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms. There can be spare rooms for guests, too.

A flat or house is furnished according to the taste of the owner. The kitchen furniture included kitchen cabinets (with plates, bowls, glasses, pots, cutlery, electric gadgets ...), a sink, a cooking range and a fridge - freezer. Some appliances are built-in. In the kitchen there are usually a table with stools.

The living room furniture includes cabinets for cut glass, glass and souvenirs or porcelain, a settee and armchairs, a coffee table (glass or wooden). In the living room there are usually a television, hi-fi system, video and/or DVD-player.

The bedroom includes double-bed, lamps for reading, wardrobes, a dressing table, two bedside tables and a mirror. The wardrobes can be built-in. 

The housing policy in our state isn`t very good to the people, who want to get or buy their own flat or house. Current housing policy is unfortunately rather poor. In Slovakia we have a shorttage on flats.

For people with an average income it`s impossible to save enough money for buying their own flat or house. If they want to buy a flat/house, they must take a mortgage from a bank. But banks have their own rules to lend money. You have to give them a confirmation of the hight of your income, and in some cases, a surety and for many people it is often a big problem.

If you don`t have so big income that you get a mortgage from a bank, you can spare your own money in some special banks. You give your money to a bank and you get a state premium. You have to spend the state premium only for buying, reconstruction or building a flat or house. The state assists to a housing (to buy a flat, reconstruction, to build a house). 

If you want to live in a flat, you have more possibilities. We know more types of flats and houses. We know apartments, council flats, condominium, detached houses, terraced houses, semi-detached houses, cottages and bungalows.

         Apartement is a set of rooms that are usually all on the same level and are a part of larger building.

         Council flat is owned by the council and the people, who live there, pay a rent.

         Condominium is a house, where the flats are owned by the people, who live there.

         Detached house is a house standing by itself. It isn`t joined to another house and usually has a garden.

         Semi-detached house composes of two houses, which are joined on one side.

         Terraced houses are more houses joined together in a row.

         Cottage is a small village house. For many people it is a dream house.

         Bungalow is one-storey house, which you can find in housing estates. It`s popular with older and disabled people because everything is on one level. 

You can furnish your house or flat, how you want. Today, you can buy nearly everything. Equipment, furnishing and facilities are things that make our house or flat exceptional and homy. Equipment as a washing machine, a cooker, a vacuum cleaner, a fridge-freezer, a tee-kettle, a microwawe oven and a caffee machine cannot be missing in any household.

In many families you can find almost a dishwasher and drying machine that are ever more popular.

Pieces of furniture is possible to make of almost all kinds of material, leading wood, followed by plastic, glass or even metal. The right selection of material depends on owner`s style, taste and on a purpose of made furniture or other complements.

Natural fabrics, leather, fur or its imitations are used for production of sofas, armchairs, rugs, bedspreads or curtains, which are very important parts of every household. To make an establishment even more delightful, people adorn their habitations by different pictures, paintings, flowers or ornaments from their holidays and foreign journeys. Some people adorn their habitations with things, which are made by themselves.

House of my dreams

My dream house should have basement, groundfloor and of course an attic. On the groundfloor there should be a big living room with door facing the terrace and a big kitchen because I like cooking. In the attic there should be a bedroom, two children`s rooms, workroom and two bathrooms. In the basenent there should be a pantry and a big room with snooker and bar counter.

The house should be situated in  a nice  environment. There should be forest around the house. Behind the house there should be a small creek or a pond. The house should have a big garden with grass, where children could play.

In my dream house I want to have two dogs. One big and one small.

At the house there should be two garages for our cars.

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