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Town or country?

Town or country? 

There are many ways how and where to live. Everybody can choose the place, where he would  like to live. I live in a small town. It is a part of the town, which is three kilometers away from the town. It is how we lived in a village. We need a bus or a car if we want to come into the city. Certainly, you can go on foot, but the way takes about twenty-five minutes. 

Personally, I can say I live in a very nice environment. The place where I live is  neither typically town nor village. Although I have  never tried to live in a  typically village, in a big city I lived for five years, when I was studying at the Matej Bell University.

Living in a town brings to everybody a lot of advantages. In a town you have a lot of sport , cultural, education opportunities ect. When young people want to start their career, they have more opportunities to get more education and knowledge as in a village. The city offers more vacancies and the unemployment rate is higher than in the country. I don`t want to say that everybody will find there his dream job, but if somebody wants to work , he will find a job. Ever more rural people move to a town  to find a job or if young people finish their education in a town they very offten stay there and they are looking for a job there. They know, that in their home village they wouldn`t find a good job.

In a town  you can find more opportunities for everything because it`s bigger and has more inhabitants than a village. The inhabitants and people from suburbs and near villages can fill up their spare time with going to theatres, cinemas, night clubs, pubs, restaurants, sport centres, galleries, museums or another cultural centres.

In the city we have various sport facilities: winter stadium, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, gyms etc. Various sporting events are often held there. These can be athletic games, volleyball, handball, basketballl, foolball etc.

A big adventage of a town is a higher standart of health service, including hospitals and first aid stations. The other advantages are  more shops and large shopping centres, which offer cheaper goods and everything is under one roof, so the buyers can spare  a lot of time. In a town we can find many different shops offering a wide variety of goods. There are a large number of such establishments in town, offering their services not just during the day and late into the night, but even overnight.

The negative aspects of living in a city are pollution, traffic jams, noise etc.  There are so many buildings that there are no piece of greenery. In the cities there are factories, whose high chimneys uninterruptedly churn out sulphur dioxide and other noxious fumes that pollute the environment, and not just locally. Wind carries the polluted air to places many kilometers away. There are      many cars, which  pollute the air too . The land and water are polluted too, but the inhabitants don`t see it. By air it is something different. We can smell it. If you live in the centre of a town you can`t open the windows in the rash hours because the air smell. Hand in hand with polluted air goes also mess along the streets and polluted entire environment.

The next disadvantage are prices.  Whereby  the city is bigger thereby  the prices are higher. In a city is everything  more expensive than in a village. For exemple the prices of goods, services, rent etc.

The most serious problem of a town is a high level of criminality. A big town is a home for every kind of a criminal element, beginning with pickpockets and ending with murderers and drug dealers particularly. Of course, you can also find criminality in a village.

We don`t know only one type of a town. It isn`t  town as town. We can choose the type of a town or a part of  it, in which we want to live. If we want to live in a town but we can’t accept  noise, traffic and stress of a city centre, we can live in  suburbs, where isn`t usually so much noise and traffic.

Living in the country offers a lot of advantages, but I would say more disadvantages. Living in a village is  more difficult than in a city. In the country there are fewer vacancies, fewer places for entertaiment and education than in a city. The inhabitants have to commute to the nearest city, which is sometimes too far and the traffic infrequently.

The biggest disadvantage of a village is lack of job opportunities, whose result is a necessity of everyday travelling to work to towns, what can be somethimes very frustrating and expensive. If you have a job in a village you  surely don`t become so much money as in a city for the same work.

Very big problem is that there are any hospitals and if people are sick, they have always to travel to a town. In the country there are no secondary schools so the children have to travel to a town too.

For somebody immaterial, for somebody very important, is the fact, that in a village everybody knows everybody and no secrets exist there.

Contrary to towns, the country can be definitely proud of more healthy environment. It is polluted as well, but not at such a spread. Less trafic, less stress and fewer people altogether make a good result in the form of fresh air. Somebody use to say that  countrylife is too boring, but I think that can say only a lazy man. In the country you can take long walks in a forest, you can pick up mushrooms, you can growing your own vegetables or keeping farm animals. I suppose that any rural man would say that the countrylife is boring .

A big advantage of a country is keeping traditions. That`s a thing, which is for rural people very important. Traditional costumes, ceremonies and feasts belong to their customs as well as night clubs and restaurants belong to a city life.

When we have to decide where to live, we have to regard all those things written above and much more. Look at, how country life, with its quiet, calm environment, job opportunities, which are usually merely in the agriculture sector possible, in contrary to jobs in industry in towns and with its general life-style, can affect you and what can, on the other side, bring you, although a hectic, but full of entertainment, city life. We know that each of us is a different person with different attitudes to life and everybody needs something else what satisfies him.

My ideal housing is in the wilderness. Now, I have to much stress in my life, so I would prefer quiet and calm place in this moment. We have a small weekend house, which is  in a forest. There is no electricity, so we have to light  with oil-lamps, we don`t have there any television, any computer or another electricity gadgets. We can have there only a radio with bateries. There is no water, so we have to take it from forest well. If you want to wash , you have to go into near creek. About warm water you can  only dream. If we want to heat or cook, we need wood because there is only stove for wood. The life there is calmer but harder than in the city.

You have there no stress, no hectic, you can do whatever you want. We spend there a lot of time in the nature, we pick up mashrooms, we walk on fresh air. Evenings we sit out by fire and we barbecue. I like this life but presumably only for short time. If I lived there for a long time I probably would go mad, because I would miss the stress of my city life.

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