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London: historical monuments
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SPEAKER´S CORNER: Hyde Park is the personal property of the Queen, who inherited it from Henry VIII. It is one of the largest, the best known and most extensive parks in London. It was opened to the public by Charles I. and there is Speaker´s Corner, where variou orators come every Sunday morning. Speaker´s Corner quickly became a public institutions, acquiring international prestige and attracting the talents of speakers. It is listed in all the guidebooks to London. During the 18th century it was a fashionable rendezvous for duellists. The right to hold meeting was not given legal recognition until 1872.
There are widely different topics: politics, economics, religion, international relations and about Britain´s current problems, such as unemployment, the arms race, high prices, etc. There can be seen individual singers and musician.
The distinguishing feature of the style of oratory practised at Speaker´s Corneris the opportunity given to members of the public to interject their own comments and questions while the speaker is addressing his audience.
Hyde Park is one of the best-known London parks. It has the Serpentine, a little lake and Speaker´s Corner. Hyde Park is a large green area. You can come and relax and have a picnic. Some people go fishing or boating. Lots of people go for long walks and jogging.
Speaker´s Corner is one of the most popular attraction of London. On Sunday anyone can come and choose a theme and he can start speaking about it. People can comment everything, but they can´t speak bad on royal family. His listeners often give him questions. Speaker´s Corner is good for practising one´s speaking talent.

TROCADERO: It is situated not far from Picadely Circus. It is place where we can see amazing holograms. There are many shops and shows, cafe´s and restaurants, cinema, casino, etc. There is one of the largest and best music shop. It has 300 years history. It was built in 1740´s, then it was tennis court. Since that time it is used for entertainment.
Trocadero is one of the most visited places in London. There can be visited Light Fantastic, which are world´s largest exhibition of holograms.In International Village we can order different deliocious meals from all over the world.

NATIONAL GALERY: It is situated along the north-west side of the square, with the National Portrait galery behind it. National Galery includes works by all the great Europa masters. There are collections of paintings from Duccio and Margarito of Arezzo to Monet or Ronoir.
John Wilkes proposed that a collection of pictures then for sale be bought by the nation and that a nobel gallery be built to house than. This pictures were dissapeared into Russia and Wild conception wanished into air.
After 47 years of dealay in April 1824 Parliament voted the money and on 10th May the galery was opened to the public.

REGENT STREET: Regent Street was designed by John nash as a „Royal Mile“ (along which the Prince Regent might drive from his mansion at carlton House, St. Jame´s to his new park, the Regent´s Park). John nash (1752 – 1835) was an English architect and pioneer of town planning. Above Picadely Circus in the curred portion of Regen Street known as the Quadrant.

THE TOWER OF LONDON: in the Tower of London many people were excented, for example Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard (Henry VIII´s wives) and many people were prisoned there, for example Queen Elizabeth I. Today we can see there some of the apparatus of fortune, for example the Scavenger´s Daughter, an iron ring compresing head, body and feet into a circle. There is a Jewel Tower, where the Crown Jewels in price of $ 100 million, shimmer behind some of the most sophisticated electronic protective device on earth.

The Tower of London consists of the White Tower (the oldest part), Waterloo barracks (Crown Jewels), Site of Scaffold, Tower green (there are many ravens), Bloody tower (prison), Site of Lion Tower (there was a collection of wild animals) and Traitor´s Gate.
The Beefeaters: there are about 40 farmer soldiers who will show visitors round the Tower. They wear very colorful uniforms.
The Tower of London dtes from the eleventh century. It was a palace and a state prison. It is the most beautiful of Norman buildings. The Tower is a museum of armoury and you can see the crown jewels in Jewel Tower. There is also a White Tower.

Wild animals were kept at the Tower until the 19th century, when the Zoological Gardens were founded.
Before Tower of London are Beefeaters, ex-army men, which guard the security of this building.
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