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If you travelled to GB or USA what would you like to see?
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If you want to travel to the USA, you need contrary to GB, the visa. Visas to the USA have been still valid and since September 11th 2001 it has become even more difficult to get them as American government has made the conditions for it even stricter. And the conditions are: to prove your financial, economical and social commitments to Slovakia, so you come back to the country, to submit basic documents about your job, financial situation and purpose of a trip, besides, your passport has to be valid six month after leaving USA and the latest condition is taking your fingerprints.

Also for the USA, the informations about ways of transport and about accommodation are very important. To USA you can travel by plane or if you want to see something different, you can travel by ship but you have to take to account with last long way. With the accommodation it is the same as in GB. You have many possibilities.

In comparison to Great Britain, the USA cannot pride with such a rich history. But inspite of this fact, it also offers innumerable number of exciting places and attractions. American culture is unique and has spread across the globe through its popular films, music and commercial products such as Coca Cola, McDonald`s fast food etc.

The capital city of the USA is Washington D.C.. It is home to the federal government and the residence of the President. In Washington D.C. you can see the White House, the traditional residence of the President. Also of importance there is the Library of Congress, the US national library. There are many interesting sites, atracting 18 million tourists each year. Troughout the city, there are memorials honouring famous figures from American history, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and many American soldiers. You can visit there many museums.

The largest city in the US is New York, or “The Big Apple” as it is fondly called. Many people call New York “The city that never sleeps” because it is alive with action all day and night.
NY is also famous for its skyscrapers, the best-known is the Empire State Building.
What nobody should miss is the Statue of Liberty – a symbol of freedom, then parts like Time Square, Central park or Madison Square Garden and suburbs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, West Side and Harlem.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US. Its name comes from Spanish for “the City of Angels”, because it originally belonged to the Spanish territory of Mexico. LA is famous for its semi-tropical climate, palm trees, and beaches. Suburbs such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills are famous for celebrities and interesting sites related to the movies. And nearby is the original Disneyland.
Futhermore, cities as Chicago, San Francisco with Alcatraz prison or New Orleans – the home of jazz are worth of visit. This country is also home of the best players of ice-hockey, basketball or American football.

Both Great Britain and the USA can also pride with its exciting and beautiful nature and its beauties, in Britain it is especially Scotish and Irish country with its mountainous and always green scenery and USA has a famous Grand Canyon.

The Great Britain and USA deserve our attention and when you would have the possibility to visit these countries, don`t miss it, and enjoy your stay in these beautiful countries.
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