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Kurt Cobain
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Kurt Donald Cobain was born on 20th February 1967 in Aberdeen. First, they lived in Hoquiama, but later they moved to Aberdeen. When Kurt was 8 years old his parents divorced. It was too much on him. He closed himself. He didn’t have any friends – maybe because he thought that everyone is stupid. He didn’t like good pupils, because they didn’t listen to any music. He didn’t like junkies, because they were too stupid. He didn’t like endless moving from mother to father and against. Later he hated them. Both of them didn’t want to care about him – the worst of it was, that Kurt knew it. He was about ten years old and he started to smoke marijuana. In school he was good enough. He was clever, but he didn’t learn. He didn’t want to have good marks. He thought that school system is for fools. When he was 17 he leaved school and parents and he lived sometimes on street, sometimes at friends.

At this age he had his 1st band Ted, Ed, Fred. In 1987 came Nirvana. Original combination was Kurt Cobain – guitar and vocal, Chris Novoselic – bass guitar, Chad Channing – drums. They played at private parties. Later they recorded their 1st demo “Godfather of Grunge”. More succesful is their first album “Bleach”. Later,they recorded very succesful album “Nevermind” with great drummer Dave Grohl. When people listened singel “Smells like teen spirit” they bought their CD. There were 3 millions cds “Nevermind” selled in the moment. Kurt signed contract with Geffen Records. Soon after that he married Courtney Love and they had a baby Frances Bean. He had a lot of concerts and private parties. He hated all those concerts, treatment and sensation around him. Kurt’s stomach made him depended on heroin.Kurt’s health was as further as worse. Next album is called “Incesticide”.

This album wasn’t very succesful. His new album were supposed to be called “I hate myself and I want to die” but Geffen Records refuse this name. Alternate name was “In utero”. New concerts brought new problems. He started to hate people and himself a lot more. Kurt was famous and rich. He was married and he had small baby – but he still wasn’t glad. In his texts he singed about death and suicide.In the Roma he tried to suicide, but Courtney called emergency rescue and they rescued him. Then she told him that he has to go to drug squad if he wants to see his baby. He accept this provision. Later, he ran away from the drug squad and he went to his cottage. Noone knows what happened there, but one thing is sure - Kurt was dead. Somebody thinks that Kurt committed suicide and somebody thinks that he was killed by assasin. Kurt Donald Cobain died on 4th April. His dead body was found on 6th April by electrician who came to install him safety system.
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