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Tennessee Williams: A streetcar named desire
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Mitch is not very intelligent, and so he cannot see through Blanche's feigned innocence or her lies. Mitch is a gentleman, especially compared to his friends, Stanley in particular. He is also is very trusting. He refuses to believe Stanley when he first says that Blanche has been lying to him, and he is deeply hurt when he finds out that Stanley has been right. This pain is compounded because he had never suspected her dishonesty before. The fact that his mother wants to see him married before she dies makes breaking up with Blanche even harder for him.[“BLA: Čo chceš? MIT: Celé leto mi to chýbalo. BLA: Tak sa so mnou ožeň, Mitch! MIT: Myslím, že si ťa už nechcem vziať. BLA: Nie? MIT: Nie si dosť čistá na to, aby som ťa priviedol do domu, kde býva moja matka. BLA: Tak choď preč! Zmizni rýchlo, kým nezačnem kričať na poplach!...“ pg. 87]
In the final scene, he breaks down after seeing Blanche, and realizes that he has lost her because he did not appreciate her great sensitivity.

Eunice Hubbel: The owner of the apartment building, and Steve's wife. She is generally helpful, giving Stella and Blanche shelter after Stanley beats Stella. In the end, she advises Stella that in spite of Blanche's tragedy, life has to go on. In effect, she is advising Stella not to look too hard for the truth.

Steve Hubbel: Eunices's husband. Owner of the apartment building. One of the poker players. Steve has the finally line of the play. As Blanche is carted off to the asylum, he coldly deals another hand.

Pablo Gonzales: One of the poker players. He punctuates the poker games with dashes of Spanish.

Negro Woman: The Negro Woman seems to be one of the non-naturalistic characters; it seems that the actor playing this role is in fact playing a number of different Negro women, all minor characters. Emphasizing the non-naturalistic aspect of the character, in the original production of Streetcar, the "Negro Woman" was played by a male actor.

A Strange Man (The Doctor): The Doctor arrives at the end to bring Blanche on her "vacation." After the Nurse has pinned her, the Doctor succeeds in calming Blanche. She latches onto him, depending, now and always, "on the kindness of strangers."

A Strange Woman (The Nurse): The Nurse is a brutal and impersonal character, institutional and severe in an almost stylized fashion. She wrestles Blanche to the ground.

A Young Collector: The Young Collector comes to collect money for the paper. Blanche throws herself at him shamelessly.

A Mexican Woman: Sells flowers for the dead. She sells these flowers during the powerful scene when Blanche recounts her fall(s) from grace.

Prostitute -Moments before Stanley rapes Blanche, the back wall of the Kowalskis’ apartment becomes transparent, and Blanche sees a prostitute in the street being pursued by a male drunkard. The prostitute’s situation evokes Blanche’s own predicament. After the prostitute and the drunkard pass, the Negro woman scurries by with the prostitute’s lost handbag in hand.
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