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Cinema will soon be a thing of the past
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I like borrowing a cassette from film exange, but som films are not on the cassette. This is a reason why I like cinema more than watching video at home.
In my opinion, young people prefer cinema to video, because in teh cinema they can meet some friends. However, today are cinemas where you feel like in your living room.

Many people go to the cinema, because of the atmosphere and entertainment. New technology of cinemas enable to acquire impression that spectator is component of story. It is bigger artistic experience than during watching cassette.

Although going to the cinema is more expensive than borrowing cassette. For borrow cassette you need membership card and you must return cassette the next daz. what is more, when you have got no time and you can not return cassette, you must pay prize of cassette again.

In some cities there are summer cinemas and car cinemas. It is better than common cinema, because you are in nature. Further more, you breathe fresh air.
I believe that cinema will not soon be a thing of the past and people will go to the cinema with pleasure.
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