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Description of my school
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The building of my school – The Secondary technical school – is situated on an eastern side of Martin, on a hill near Matica slovenska. The school is surrounded by heterogenous vegetation from bushes to spruces.
he building itself has a shape of letter H and consists of three main parts. In front of the main part is a big parking place, which is always fully occupied. Wide stairs made of marble, lead the way to school and end near enterance door. Behind them, inside, there is a small enterance hall, from which on the left and right are entries to students` cloackrooms. Corridor from the main part of building is separated by two doors.Behind them on the right are stairs, that will lead us to the doorkeeper`s room. By the stairway we will get to main crossroad of the structure.

On the right side, there is a corridor that leads to some classrooms, cabinets, big theatre hall, hostel and ends by the school cafeteria in front of dinning hall. On the left side, we will get to schools HQ offices, headmasters office and headmaster`s deputors offices, staff room, teachers` club, a big conference hall and gymnasium. The corridor ends in school workshop. Classrooms for students and cabinets for teachers are on the first and second floor. All of them are marked with a number. Classes have standard equipment to achieve wanted purpose that is education and study. On the third floor, the school laboratories and computer room are located. These labs are equiped with a variety of measuring devices and tools to test teoretical knowledge in practice. There are also toilets for students and teachers on each floor.

I like my school and I`m glad that I am its student.
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