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Sports and games
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2) I like to play…
I play with my friends…
I play on a team and we participate in various competitions…
We have training… a week. Our coach…(expects a lot, drives us hard, motivates us)
In spring I enjoy…
Over the summer I do…
In the autumn months I…
During winter I…
I would like to try… because…
I don’t like… because…
I like to play sport myself because…
I prefer watching sport on TV, especially…
I’m a fan of…
Sports can help develop (skills, strength, alertness…)
Sports also provide an opportunity for (teamwork, cooperation, goodwill…)
I like team sports such as…
My preference is for individual sports like…

3) It’s true that sports help us to keep our bodies in good physical condition. They keep us in good mental condition as well, because they offer us refreshment, relaxation and rest. There are also sports improving mainly logical thinking. Movement in the fresh air helps the blood circulation and cleans the lungs. Doing sports help us lose a few of our excess kilos and keep us fit and healthy.

Sport has a great importance for progress of personality, too. For some people it is not only the body movement or playing strategy but it’s a life philosophy. In the modern world a positive attitude to sports is becoming something of trend and a hit. Young people, and not just they, try to look sporty and dress in sporty clothes. Sport activity can cultivate also will and character qualities. Sportsmen are mostly directed to behave honestly and nobly because they are idols to small children. If you want to do some sport on higher level as it is usual you have to have a will something to attain. When we do sports recreationally, victory or lose doesn’t have to be of concern to us. It’s good to simply enjoy the fact that we are moving and thus contributing to our good health and physical condition.

4) The best sportsmen can take part in international competitions, in which they represent their country. There are many sports organizations that hold matches, inter-city competitions and friendly meetings of sportsmen.
Football teams compete for a cup in different competitions such as the League Championship or the World championship. Football or soccer is the most popular game in Britain and the Cup Final is the most important football match of the year. It is played at Wembley Stadium near London.

Once a year is organized a world championship in ice hockey. However it’s called world championship there are only European countries with Canada, USA and one Asian team. North America has its National Hockey League (NHL), which pays the best players in the world and has great level of quality.
The best tennis champions of the world meet every year at Wimbledon (the Grand Slam Tennis Tournament). These championships are watched by thousands of spectators.

Rugby is an old game that started in the 18th century at Rugby School, the famous English Public School. Spectators and TV viewers watch it all over the world.
Quite interesting is road cycling with its world most popular competition Tour de France. Some people say it is the hardest race at all.
In Britain are very popular the British Open Golf Championship and the Grand National (it is the best known horse-race), too.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in USA, where is the competition of National Basketball Association held. The very best players of this sport are black men.
The most talented sportsmen can even take part in the Olympic games, which is an international competition and a great event on the world of sports.
The first Olympic games were realized in 776 B.C in Greece and they were based on the customs of the ancient Greeks. They were held for more than 1,000 years but the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius abolished them in 394 A.D.
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