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A schizophrenic`s lacks. He`s not enter into emotional relationship. He doesn`t understand people around and people around don`t understand him. He has his own world and often experience double feelings. The symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations, thought disorders, loss of boundaries between self and nonself, blunted or inappropriate emotional expresion, socially and deteriorution in areas of functioning such as social relations, work and self-care.
This all is schizophrenia, but scholarly said. It isn`t schizophrenia in everyone of us?

I don`t be neither the first nor the last, who will think about this question. Many people will say no, I`am not a schizophrenic. But really? These people are people, who can see only world around them, people, who never say yes to a butterfly, when he put a question to them, they answer questions only for people. And then are here the other, people, who know, that everyone has his own world acept the world around us.They can see the world in themselves, not themselves in the world.People, who look for an escape, many times as a new good resolution, unconscious the external world.And exactly in this moment they come into gab, gab for people, who can find the way back and people, who start to live only in their internal world.
Yes, yes, the symptoms are clear, that means a medical school-the diagnosis is schizophrenia.

It is not hard to think, why people have their own world.This world is unvulnerable, it is the world full of ideas and fantasies.And what can see the other “foreign” people?They see man, whose outside is like a some defensive, better say something like a pack for few “uninitiated”.We can say “it is a umbrella, which protect us for the schower of rain drops.”
This is one side of my view to this theme and this is the other side.

Sometimes i have double feelings too.Am I a schzophrenic then? It`s complicated, but it`s not usual that people in my age not now, when their belong.One day I`am witty and nice, nothing botheres me.The other day my reactions are so silly.Sometimes I`am full of empathy and understanding without pretending.Sometimes I hate people and I`am not even able to act like I don`t and express my feelings.Often I`am nervous, sometimes it even suprised me.Is that me? Sometimes it is hard for my friends to stand me, but I know some adult people which have no apologize for their behaviour.Their schizophreny is much more dangerous.They`re people, who made their own world from our own country.This world has their own rules and it anybody breaks them.They will removw them.
That`s his moral no their lifestyle.It`s money that move their minds, but human ralues are at the bottom of their benefits.Democratz ia convenient for them only until it losing benefits.
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