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Classification of Slovak legal system
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Legal system consists of logically set-up legal rules. It is divided into two main groups, specifically the international law and the internal law.
The international law is generated by treaties, which are created among individual states.
The internal law is further divided into public law and personal law. In public law interrelations among subjects of law are based upon superiority and inferiority. In personal law, relations are based upon bilateral equation.
This dual structure, so the classification of law into public and personal law is a characteristic feature of all legal systems, which belong only to continental legal system. Every branch of law modifies definite social relation by its rules.

Public law modifies relations between the citizen and the state, so the superiority of state as a representative of public interest above visceral and juridical persons. In public law there is a subsystem of classification of law. At first I would like talk about constitutional [state] law. It is focused on the most distinguished social relations reformatted especially in Constitution and statutes, namely basis of economic system and political system, state system, state and self-administration bodies, organisation of courts, rights and duties of citizens etc.
Administrative law is another form of public law. Administrative law is focused on the civil service of public things, transport, educational system and public health.
In public law we have moreover financial law and criminal law. Criminal law regulates complex of responsibilities, which have we in relation to society and to fellow-citizens. It gains validity when somebody commits a crime.

Personal law modifies the relation between citizen and citizen.
A part of the subsystem of division of personal law is civil law. This is focused on the relations, which come into existence among citizens, citizens and organisations on one hand and the state on other hand. Civil law is regulated by Civil Code [civil law-book].
Further part of personal law is family law. This kind of law is solving relations or disputes, which are in family, between husband and wife, between children and parents etc.
Commercial law solve relations between entrepreneurs.

Individual branching of the law is industrial law. It is a set of legal rules, those themes are social industrial relations, and where the employer makes use of manpower of citizen a he gives him wage. Creation and forms of employment, demands on relaxation, wages etc. are regulated by Labor Code.

Social security law is another branch of law and it carries out social and economic rights of citizens. Social security law consists of many enactments and international treaties confirmed by UNO and International organisation of work. Social security law covers health benefit and pensionary safety.
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