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United Kingdom
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The United Kingdom has the fourth largest economy in the world. Currency valid in U.K. is 1 L (pound sterling) which has 100 pennies. The main industries are aircraft, banking, business services electronics, metals, shipbuilding, shipping, steel, textiles. UK is abundant in natural resources: it has coal, natural gas, oil, iron and salt reserves. The main agricultural products are fruit, vegetables, wheat, barley, oats and sugar beet.

UK probably belongs to the most visited countries worldwide because it has much to offer, especially its tourism. According to my opinion the most famous places in UK are:

London is known as the green capital with many large parks and open spaces and offers a wealth of interest. It is the seat of English Royal family led by Queen Elizabeth II. and her residence is Buckingham Palace. „Two in one packet“could be called the well-known Houses of Parliament together with Big Ben – the huge clock which is a part of Westminster Palace, as this complex is called. In Museum Madame Tussaud’ you have unique opportunity to meet your favorite pop-star or politician. But only in wax form. Furthermore you have a chance to relax a little bit after a long busy day in Hyde Park or on a Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus.

Stonehenge near Salisbury is an awesome monument of the Stone and Bronze ages, which symbolizes mystery, power and endurance. It consists of huge heavy stones arranged into 2 circles.

It is the birthplace of William Shakespeare, which is located on the River Avon. You can find there sights related to this writer like for example the Royal Shakespeare Theatre or the Shakespeare centre which holds books and documents related to this playwright.

Edinburgh is the ancient capital of Scotland. It has become the international centre of music and drama and is famous for its annual festival – the Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama.

I have mentioned that it is raining a lot in UK. And this is a good basis for a wonderful nature which is represented by National parks. To the most famous parks belong Lake District and Yorkshire national park.

Oxford and Cambridge are the small universities towns with many tourist attractions.

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