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Abraham Stoker: Dracula
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Stoker, Bram, full name Abraham Stoker (1847-1912), British writer, born in Dublin, Ireland, and educated at the University of Dublin. After ten years as a civil servant and a literary and dramatic critic, he left Ireland in 1876 to become secretary and business manager for English actor Sir Henry Irving, joining him in the management of the Lyceum Theatre, London. He remained associated with Irving until the actor's death in 1905. Stoker wrote many books, including Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving (1906). His classic novel of horror, Dracula (1897), introduced the character of the vampire Count Dracula of Transylvania. Dracula has inspired numerous films, sequels, and retellings.

Count Dracula
Jonathan Harker Mina’s fiancée
Lucy Westenra was very beautiful. Many men fell in love with her.

Jack Seward was a doctor, and he looked after a hospital for mad people north of London

Quincey Morris was an American adventurer

Arthur Holmwood came from a famous, old English family. Lucy decided to marry him

Mina Murray Jonathan’s fiancée

Professor Abraham Van Helsing: “vampire expert”

Jonathan Harker came to the caste of Count Dracula, because Count wanted to buy a house in England. It was dark, old house called Carfax. Jonathan became a kind reception from Count Dracula but he has soon realized strange things happening around. People have warned him before Count, Count has never eaten with him, and he couldn’t see him in the mirror and so on. The days and nights passed in the same way. One night he saw something amazing. Dracula climbed out of the window, and moved down the wall like some terrible animal of the night. Then he disappeared into the shadows. He found out that he have to follow Dracula’s orders. He was not his guest but prisoner there and his life was in danger. Jonathan tried to kill Dracula but he failed and Dracula left him in the castle alone with three thirsty women.
Count Dracula went alone in his coffin to England. In the middle of the storm, out of the mist, sailed a mysterious, foreign ship, the Demeter. The ship was empty except for one man. He was dead and he was tied to the wheel. As the ship reached land, a large black dog jumped off. At the same time Mina started to have nightmares and Lucy behaved strange. She walked out for night trips and two little red wounds appeared on her neck. Lucy grew weaker and weaker. Mina became letter about Jonathan. He was in hospital in Budapest. She decided to visit him immediately.

Doctor Seward was helpless so he decided to ask his old friend professor Van Helsing. After his arrive Lucy improved. Professor Van Helsing used garlic flowers and crucifixes but he had to go back home and Arthur, Quincey and Jack weren’t able to protect her before Count Dracula. Lucy died. In spite her death vampire news kept multiplying. Death children were founded near Lucy’s tomb. Van Helsing came back again and he had a shadow of doubt that Lucy has become a vampire. They verified this fact and than they pushed wooden stick through her heart, decapitated her and so they have saved her soul.

Mina and Jonathan were married in Budapest, and they returned to England as man and wife. Jonathan met Van Helsing and told him everything about Carfax and Count Dracula. They carefully prepared for Dracula’s murder. But he was cleverer.  He left England and traveled back home by ship. But before he had left he bitted Mina. They had to follow him if they want to save Mina’s soul. Bitten Mina dreamt about Dracula’s present at night. Probably he had the same ability. Jonathan and Van Helsing tried to catch him on his way again and again but he was always quicker than they were. They had to hurry because Mina began to change to vampire. Transformation was almost done when they caught his carriage. They killed Dracula. The long teeth, the unnatural colour of Mina’s skin, the strange look in her eye – they were not there now. She was real Mina again. Her soul was saved.

“Vampires cannot die of old age,” he said. “They continue to live. They drink blood, and turn other people into vampires. She has already attacked those little children, but they will not suffer. But often people give their blood and than learn to love vampire. They will become vampires after they die. …
”But there is a way to save their souls. We can save them from a life of evil and an afterlife of endless punishment.” He pointed to the long, sharp piece of wood. “It is a wonderful thing to save a soul.”
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