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Mark Twain: Biography
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He safely saved his money by the judge Thatcher, because his father wanted all his money and he extorted the judge. When he was unsuccessful they moved together into a small cottage near the Mississippi River. It was a very horrible and musty barrack. He had to stay here. Every morning he had to fish. One day he decided that he would go away. But his father would have to think that he was killed. He made up a plan. When her father went to the city he started to accomplish his plan. At first he found a nice boat going downstream. He caught the boat and bound it to the bank. Next he hunted a pig and cut him and his blood he split on the floor. It looked at its blood on the floor. Next he stole some food from the cottage. When he led the boat he set out for new adventures. He drifted downstream the river for a long time. After about four kilometers he landed on the bank. He fell asleep. He was wakening up by the sound. He heard a steamboat. It was steamboat with people who were searching for him. He hid under the bushes. Nobody saw him. When the dangerous passed away he explored the island. He found Jim. Jim got frightened. He thought that Huck was spirit. But it wasn’t true. Huck told Jim the story about his escape. They stayed on this place for several days. When there was a storm, they found the raft and in some small cottage, which floated around them. Jim explored the cottage, but he said to Tom that there wasn’t anything to see. They prepared the raft for the trip downstream to the Caira on the south end of Illinois. They wanted to go there, because the wanted to sell the raft and go up the river by steamboat on the north where here is freedom for slaves. But they passed the town.

They set out for the trip downstream the river. They floated only in the night because Jim was a runaway slave and he was wanted. When somebody met them Huck made up effective excuses. When they were floating few nights they came across on an old steamboat. Huck wanted to explore the steamboat. Jim wasn’t so pleased with this thing. Huck climbed up the steamboat. He went to the under-deck. Here he found a dangerous gang. They wanted to kill one of them pat. He returned to the deck, but their raft floated away. They took the gang’s boat, which lay at the anchor of the boat, and they were floating downstream for a few hours. After a few hours they found their raft. They had bad experience with the steamboat. One of them hit into the raft and Huck and Jim were separated. Huck found some desert cottage. He made friends. This family fought against the Shepherds family. After a few days he met Jim on the back of the river. He was very pleasured seeing him. They set out for the next trip.
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