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Mark Twain: Biography
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One day they met two men. They were called Duke and King. They asked them if they could float with them. Jim and Huck agreed. They spent lots of adventures. Duke and King were cheats. They traveled form town to town and preyed the trustful people. They played the Shakespeare’s acts, opened a dancing school, organized the anti alcohol meeting, they tried to rob a young window etc. This earned them some money, but they played hazard games and they lost them. When they hadn’t any money King and Duke sold Jim, because he was wanted. He was on the Phelps ranch. They earned $ 40. Duke and King turned tail and nobody saw them. But Huck said a bad address of miss Watson to King and Duke and they told the same bad address to Mr. Phelps. He tried to make a contact with widow Douglas.

When Huck was desperate he wrote a letter to miss Watson. He wrote that she would send the reward Mr. Phelps would give her Jim. But he never sent this letter. He decided that he released him from the prison. He set out for the Phelps’ ranch. But when he came, they thought that Huck is Tom Sawyer, because they expected him. He was confused. He set out for the trip to the port, because Tom had to arrive and he had to speak with him before he would come to the ranch. It was successful. It was really Tom Sawyer from the town where Huck was born. Huck told Tom’s his entire story about his trip on the raft. Tom decided that they released Jim from the prison, but Tom was a big dreamer and reader of adventurous books. And he made up a horrible plan for Jim’s release. At first they dug out a tunnel under Jim’s bed. They gave him some snakes and rants into the small cottage where he was kept in prison. They produced for him tackled stair, but he didn’t want it and they gave him lots of others unusual things. At the end they wrote a letter for Mr. Phelps. There was written that some gang wanted to carry Jim from the prison. But it was a crazy idea. Mr. Phelps invited some of his friend with guns and when Tom and Huck evaporated from Jim’s prison Tom was shot up by one of the shooters. They hid in raft. Huck called the doctor and he took Jim and Tom to the Phelps’ farm. Jim and Tom explained everything to Mr. and Ms. Phelps. Jim was free because in the testament widow Douglas liberated him. Tom and Huck were newly rich, because the money was safety save by the judge Thatcher.
This book belong to the past big culture settlement.

It shows us how America looked in the firs half of 19th century. The author placed his realistic experience from her boyhood into this book. He tried to show us the hard life in the south. He tried to refer to slavery life. This problem was very actual in the south part of America. It was one of the reasons for start of America’s Civil War. This book shows a common life between black slave Jim and white young boy Huck. And when they were in problems they were equivalent. He described the life on the Mississippi River. He wrote the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, when he was a fifty-year-old. This book was very important for his life and it was sequel of no less popular novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, which he wrote ten years ago, it means when he was a forty-year-old.
The writer perfect knows the people’s soul. He has a pregnant literature style and it gives a new charge to his book. This book is very attractive for young people. He criticizes the petty bourgeoisie.
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