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Human resources management
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These can range from ”speak – up” and open – door policies, work improvement suggestions systems, to ”sensing” sessions, opinion surveys, or conflict resolution procedures. Unfortunately, there is evidence that there is a growing communications gap between employees and top management. Messages that managers think they are sending aren’t being received by employees. PROTECTION

Every managers and employee wants a healthy and safe work environment. Prevention programs take many forms. They include redesigning jobs to diminish hazardous conditions, conducting, safety training programs, even offering pay bonuses for good safety records. Safety hazard: are those aspects of the work environment, which have the potential for immediate and sometimes violent harm to employee. Examples are lost of hearing, or eyesight, cuts, sprains, bruises, broken bones, burns and electric shock. Health hazard: are those aspects of the work environment that slowly and cumulatively lead to deterioration of an employee’s health. Typical causes include physical and biological hazards, toxic and cancer - causing dusts and chemicals, and stressful working conditions. DISCIPLINE AND CONFLICT

Many of the policies and programs discussed in this chapter can go a long way to prevent discipline issues from arising. Prevention should be the objective of all organizations. However, when problems arise, having procedures in place to deal with infraction can help safeguard the rights of all concerned. There are four elements to assure adherence to generally acceptable work rules of such a system.

Establish rules
Communicate the rules to all employees
Assess behavior
Changing behavior.
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