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Festivals are also called Public holidays and in Great Britain than Bank Holidays. All the banks, offices, shools, shops and factories are closed these days. They are the following days: Good Friday and Easter Monday(Easter holidays), Whit Monday(seven days after Easter), Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Easter is spring festival, it is in March or April usually. I like this festival, becouse it´s sunny and flowers and green are grow. We usually tidy and decorates every year our flat before Easter. There are many decorations in our flat than painted or chocolate eggs and bunnies. It is very nice atmosphere with spring flowers: violet, snowdrop, daffodil. Many of families bake cakes this time and eat horse-radish, red beet, smoked ham sausages, boiled eggs, lamb or chicken than their lunch or dinner. I don´t like Easter so much too, and I think that any girl likes Easter, becouse she has to some times change clothes. Boys it love, they only come to girl´s home and splash, spray them with parfume and then they get some money, chocolate eggs or another sweets. But it is the custom. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter. It is the anniversary of Christ´s crucifixion. Whit Monday, seven days is a Christian festival celebratedin commemoration of the coming of the Holy Ghost.

The typical American holiday is Halloween. It is celebrated on October 31st. According to an old tradition it is a witches´holiday. It is popular both among young people, who dress themselves in fancy costumes and go to parties to have fun.
Christmas is the most beatiful of all festivals. Children have holidays for two weeks usually. Preparations for Christmas start many weeks before. Many popular traditions and colourful customs make it an exciting and fascinating time. Special Christmas decorations, coloured lights and Christmas trees can be seen in many streets and shops. Christmas carols are sung almost everywhere, in houses, cathedral and churches. People buy present and and send Christmas postcard to their families and friends.

In England, On Christmas Eve(December 24th ) homes are already decorated with holly, mistletoe, Christmas tree and coloured lights. Children hang their stockings at the foot of the bed for Santa Claus-Father Christmasto fill them. In the morning of Christmas Day (December25th ) the children get up early to find and enjoy Christmas presents. The traditional Christmas dinner is filled turkey or duck and Christmas pudding afterwards. The evening is spend in games and entertainment. The following day is Boxing Day(December 26th ) when Christmas boxes with presents are given to postmen, dustmen and other people who do services to the household.

We have got very nice Christmas always. Everybody of our family are happy and together. We have got an artificial tree every year, but most people buy real tree- pine or fir. We have got red coloured decorations on the tree usually with many beatiful tinsels, candels, sweets, lights, glass balls, angels, bells and sparkles. At diiner, we eat sour cabbage soup, roastedcarp or other fish with potato salad, pasta with popy seeds and wafers with honey and garlic. After dinner, Santa Claus goes down chimney and brings the presents. Then we unwrap the presents and we are happy.
It is the 14th February, ST. Valentine´s Day, when friends and lovers send one another letters or greeting cards expressing their love and affection.
New Year´s Eve and New Year´s Day are days of celebration in many country of world. People go to parties to welcome the coming year. They make resolutions and promises to change or improve their future lives.
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