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Does eating and drinking cut our life expectancy?
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The British hot meal normally includes meat, sause and green vegetables cooked in hot water. They also, as the Americans, use lots of ready-to-cook meals.
And what about specific meals of these three countries?
I´ll start with Slovak specialities. In Slovak cuisine the food-stuffs like home-made pasta, potatoes, cabbage, meat and bacon dominate. Our national meal is „dumplings with melted sheep cheese and fried bacon sprinkled on the top“ and it can also be served with cabbage. The typical Slovak is also the cabbage soup served especially at Christmas time, the most popular meat is pork but also beef and in the last few years it is poultry. Among the most favourite desserts belong crepes filled with jam, ice cream, chocolate sauce or farmer´s cheese with raisins, then there are noodles with poppy seeds, melted butter and sugar, all kinds of cakes and cookies, fruit cups or ice-cream sundaes. As far as alcoholic drinks are concerned the best-known is definitely brandy made of plums. It is a very strong drink.

Cuisine of the USA is influenced by fast food restaurants. America is typical for their hamburgers, French fries and Cola-Cola. But their original food, eaten especially at the Thanksgiving celebration in November, is a meal of turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberries and pumpin pie. As the USA is large, in different parts of it, people have their different specialities. The south of the USA is known for the cuisine of African Americans. They like ribs, sweet potatoes, cooked kale and fried chicken. People of the southwest, which is Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, like spicy Tex-Mex dishes of corn, beans and chilli. The area of California is known for large fresh salads and healthy light meals, New England means seafood and lobsters and Colorado, Montana and the Midwest are characterized by traditional American meals – meat, potatoes, cooked vegetables and large steaks.

The same thing, which is identical as for the USA as for Britain, is the arrival of immigrants, what has led to the wide extension of international restaurants with their typical dishes and tastes. People of both these countries, for the lack of time, also buy many frozen foods, use the service of delivering meals or buy take-out food.
What is typical for British cuisine is, that British like beef and lamb, but their traditional specialities are smoked Scottish salmon, country pastés, roast beef, pudding and meat and apple pies. Not only British but also Americans enjoy barbeques. It is a gathering of family and friends where they grill meat in the backyard, at the park or on the beach. The meat is then served with fresh salad, garlic bread, beer or lemonade.

When I have been writing about the USA, I cannot miss the companies like McDonald´s, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These giant corporates, known for their hamburgers and favourite drinks, has been famous not only beyond the Atlantic ocean but also here, in our European continent and further at the east. Europen market has nowadays been full of these kinds of products and they have a high popularity especially among the young people.

Worl-wide known and eaten is also food not including meat. It is vegetarian food. Vegetarians prefer organic and healthy food-stuffs and refuse all kinds of meat and the additional products made out of them. In spite of this, their opponents object by the fact that products made out of animals have also vitamins and matters important for human body. I am not the supporter of vegetarian food but it is all up to each of us what we choose to eat.

As far as modern trends in nutrition are concerned, in my opinion, people have started to realize that the food they eat has effect on their body and their health, so they start to add to their meals more and more vegetables and fruit, especially the fresh one, adn other food-stuffs important for human organism which is not only healthy but also tasty. And this applies not only for Slovakia but for the USA and GB as well.
Likewise food, drinks are also important for our lives. But let me talk a little bit about a few of alcoholic drinks.

Wine is famous world-wide and has a popularity among the older and younger people as well. It is made of vine. It can be white or red, dry, mellow or half-mellow.
Beer is made of hop. The best known is the Irish, Czech, German and Austrian beer. These countries have producers of these drinks with their rich history.
Whisky and brandy are typical for countries Scotland, some parts of USA, France, Italy or Spain. Scotch whisky, for example, requires only materials provided by nature. Water, yeast and peat, plus barley. The starch extracted from the cereals is mixed with clear pure water. It is a long process to gain the final product.
At the end, the answer for the „Does eating and drinking cut our life expectancy“, according to me, is YES and NO too. It is always and only up to us, what we eat and how it influences our life. We are responsible for ourselves. Nobody else is.
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