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Does eating and drinking cut our life expectancy?
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Eating and drinking, in general, belong among the most essential human needs. They give us energy, strength, vitamins for our body, and even a good feeling when we have something tasty and delicious on our plate.
Food influences our lives in many ways. As it is one of the most necessary needs, the human would not be able to live without it. We need and have to consume food every day, otherwise it could negatively influence our health. On the other hand, it should not be satiation. It is generally known that consusming is the healthiest if we eat more often (approximately five times a day) but in small amounts. The other rule or one could say the other significant thing about food is distinguishing what is and what is not considered as healthy, nutricious food and think about it every time we prepare our meal.
So, how could we divide food into these two groups? Almost everybody or I dare say that all of us is able to define or at least say what is considered as healthy and nutritious food and what is in contrary to it.

Firstly, let me define and describe the first group – healthy food. To this section I can rank food-stuffs like all types of vegetable, and fruit together with fish, poultry meat, whole grain and brown bread, dairy products – milk, eggs, cheese and other food rich in minerals, vitamins and other organic matters good for our body.
Together with this food go some advice helping us to keep our body healthy like eating in a quit, relaxed atmosphere, no rushing with eating, drinking a lot of liquid, mineral water, herbal tea or fruit juice, not eating much sweets, fat meat and not drinking too much alcohol and coffee.
And through these rules I have come to the second group – the unhealthy diet and food. It is not needed to write about it much now, as it is the exact contrast to the first group. To this section we could categorize stuff like fat, heavy meals containing pork, beef, fat, or on the other side sweets and deserts. Junk food, for example McDonald´s hamburgers can also be put into this category.

Other things related to unhealthiness in consuming are illnesses arisen thanks to wrong regimen. The most serious ones are probably two – bulimia and anorexia. These two mostly affects women as they still try to keep their perfect and slim figure. Unfortunately, it can lead, finally, to their bad and serious health condition. The bulimia is an illness in which a person makes himself or herself vomit after eating, while the anorexia makes you want to stop eating. Both of them then lead quite drastically to loosing her or his weight.

But let´s talk a little bit about menus nad eating habits and customs in our and other countries.
First of all, the difference between our habits and the USA´s and GB´s habits is in the main daily meals.
The first meal of the day is, as I would say, not different here and there. Nowadays, in a busy and rushing days, almost no one spend much time with breakfast, so it is quick and easy meal like a bowl of cereals with milk or yoghurt, a toast spread with butter or jam, here in Slovakia also bread, rolls, buns with cheese, ham, eggs or sausage. For drink it is tea, in Britain with milk, coffee, milk, juice or even cacao. But the British and Americans are particular in weekend´s hearty breakfasts. They usually eat scrambled eggs and bacon, egg omeletts or pancakes with maple syrup. Americans, then, enjoy snacks throughout the day – doughnuts, sweetrolls, muffins and newly favourite Jewish bagels. Later in the day it is popcorn, cookies or potato chips.

The difference, I have mentioned earlier, is in the second daily meal – the lunch. While for the American and British it is only quick, simple, light meal like for example sandwiches, piece of fruit, potato chips or crackers, Slovak lunch is a warm, main meal of the day. People have it at home, in a school´s or work´s canteen, a restaurant or a buffet. It usually contains a soup, a main course and may finish with a dessert. The difference, of course, is then with a dinner as well. In Slovakia it is lighter meal, it can be both warm and cold. In the USA and Great Britain it is a large hot meal served between 6.00 – 7.00 p.m. For the American the complete meal consists of main meat, which used to be pork or beef, but now the white meat – chicken or fish is more preferable, then it is cooked vegetables, potatoes, pasta or rice. But in America the trend is that American women don´t cook very often because food in restaurants is pretty cheap and if they cook, they mostly buy ready-to-cook food.
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