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William Shakespeare: Life
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William Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, six years aller Elizabelh I (Tudor Dynasty) became Queen.

His baptism is recorded in the register of Holy Trinity Church on April 26, 1564.
He was born in the upstairs bedroom at Henley Sheet, and was one of eight children of Mary Arden and John Shakespeare.
John Shakespeare was a successful tradesman working with leather -
making gloves, purses, aprons and belts. He also sold wool and barley,
important products in the England ot those times. His father was a
respecled man who look part in civic life. In 1568 he was made bailiff,
a position corresponding to mayor.


William Shakespeare went to the local grammar school in Stratford. His
education was typically Tudor. The 'grammar' schools were the most
common form of education, and they were free.
Apparently he didn't learn very much because his friend and admirer, Ben Johnson, said he had 'small Latin and. less Greek'.
He would also have learnt the Catechism and studied the Bible. Altough
he was brought up with these orthodox Protesiant teachings. The managed
to remain open-minded and a free-thinker. The Bible was a constant
source of inspiralion to him, yet his plays lack the rigidity of dogma.


Stratford-upon-Avon was a flourishing market town which became husy on
fair days. In Elizabethan times, England was known as Merry England for
different celebrations and festivals. Acting was part of local village
culture. Amateur actors would come to town and their performances gave
people a release from the problems of everyday life.
In the 16th century plays were performed in the courtyards of inns. The
actors would put up a temporary stage opposite the main entrance and
the audience could sit around the three sides of the stage. The noble
men would pay the innkeeper for the privilege of sitting in a balcony
overlooking the courtyard or even directly on the stage. William as a
young boy and later as a young man had plenty of opportunity to see
plays and players from various travelling companies. All this must have
been a wanderful experience for his personality and imagination.


William married Ann Hathaway from Shotery in 1582. He was only eighteen
and half. Ann was eight years older. They had three children together –
Susanna and the twins - Hamnet and Judith.
Spite of his love for his family, he went to London in 1587 as it was
only there that man with his talenls could get ahead and make a careor
for himself.
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