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Description of a house

My house is quite a large detached house situated in the middle of a wood and it has a large garden. The house is very modern and it is specially designed to save energy and to be ecological.

On the ground floor there is a big hall in the middle of the house. Around the hall there is a kitchen, the sitting room and the dinning room. The most important room in the house is the sitting room where there are lots of bookshelves and some very large, comfortable sofas.
On the roof there are solar panels which produce electricity. The house also has got insulation so that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In the garden there is a pond so that the local birds and animals will come near the house.

I would like to live in my forest house bacause it would be very peaceful. I would live there with my family and have lots of room, so that my friends could come to stay with me. It would also be a very natural and ecological house that would fit in with the local environment.

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