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My friend
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My best friend´s name is Lenka. When I was 12, my schoolmate introduced me to her. Our first meeting wasn´t very nic. I thought that she didn´t like me and she thought the same. One day we talked together for hours and we were having a great time. I found out she was very friendly and nice and she became my best friend.
In my opinion, Lenka is a beautiful girl. She is slim, tall and I think she could be a very successful model. Unfortunatelly, Lenka has another aims in her future.

We have very simlar hobbier. We both love dancing and music. Lenka likes an electronical music and when we have an opportunity, we don´t miss good party and we dance all night. Then Lenka sleeps in my flat or I go to her. We spend our spare time always together. But I´msad that it´s only during the week we don´t have a time our meering.
Lenka´s big dream is to move to Greece in the future. She adores Greece. She learnt Greek language on her own and she has an opportunity to improve her knowledge every year when she spend a month in this beautiful country.
If her big dream comes true and she moves to Greece, I hope our friendship will still last and we will keep in touch.
I like and admire Lenka. I´m happy that I had a luck to meet her, my life will be sad and boring without her.
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