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My favourite town
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London is the capital of the Great Britain. It is situated on the river Thames. It is one of the largest cities in the world. The population of London with the suburbs is about nine million people. London was called Londinium by Roman emperor Claudius. In 1666 there was a great fire that destroyed the city. The fire started in a bakery in the Pudding Lane and continued house around the house. After the fire Christopher Wren rebuilt the city.

London is an industrial, cultural word’s financial center. We can find here very much sort of bank, historic buildings, monuments, beautiful parks and interesting museums. There are many places to visit. For example Houses of Parliament. It is the seat of British parliament. There is also a famous clock tower Big Ben. Trafalgar square is known for the Nelson’s column. On the top of the column is the statue of Admiral Nelson. Another famous building is Buckingham Palace. It is a residence of the Queen Elizabeth II. In 20. century was built Tower Bridge – one of the most famous symbols of London. Very attractive place of London for tourists is in the West End. There we can find traditional Chinese and Japan restaurants, very much fashionable shops and galleries. Very typical for London are double-decker big red buses. They are very favourite.

Life in London is very various and lively. Here is very much things to do. You can relax, have a night out, but also work or cultural educate.
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