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How to live to be healthy
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How to live to be healthy

My personal suggestion is that everybody has forgotten how to live to be healthy because this modern life is hectic and full of stress.

The humans should eat clean food and drink clean water but in many of the third world countries people don’t have clean water and people are starving. In the developed countries the people are also eating bad food because some of the food and meals are genetically modified. Every human being should have an opportunity to eat clean food and drink clean water. People in developed countries have another problem. Because of the hectic life they start to smoke or take drugs. Many people in the “developed world” are dying on illnesses that come from smoking. I think also people eat meals with much fat. Every human should do much more sport especially the teenagers.

That is why I eat so less meat than I can because I am also regretful of the animals that are waiting all their miserable life to be eaten. Fruits and vegetables are much more tasteful than meat. I don’t sport very often but I am riding a horse every weekend and I think that that’s enough for a healthy life.
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