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Tourism in Slovakia
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Slovakia has many destination ways, where can foreign tourists go. At first it’s necessary to say, that this republic has very good geographical position, so many people call her”the heart of Europe”. The capital city is Bratislava with many historical monuments and all around the country. The advantage is that Bratislava is near Vienna

We have also spa in many cities of republic and attendance is big. Tourists are very satisfied and they come back with pleasure again. Another advantage for foreigners is very low prices so they can enjoy the stay

We have agro tourism as well so people can see and try how our people lived and worked in last century.

We have also disadvantages. For example - bad advertisement, bad access and big VAT.

Many people in the world don’t know where Slovakia is because competent people don’t know how to work on it

The biggest problem is bad access in the north part of the country especially today when high and low Tatras were damaged with windy disaster which will be bad impact to the Treasury Departement

I think that we have to work on our tourism, because it is very important for usand our econnomy  
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