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Green ribbon party
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Green ribbon party

“Green ribbon party” – these three words means for me very good experiences, but also worry. It is not Easy to prepare this, because it is very stressful, but the ending feeling is great

At first the students have to collect a bigger cash of money because everything is expensive today. It is good to do it from first class to the fourth class. In our class we have lot of strong arguments, because each student wants something different

From saved money you have to pay rent for restaurant, cameraman, buy flowers, cakes, meals, drinks and all things around it

Students organize a green ribbon party, before they take their leaving exams. They send the greetings to their friends and family members. Together with their teacher book a hall in a hotel or a restaurant and invite the teachers, parents and friends to enjoy this moment with them. There is an official ceremony where students sing student’s anthem Gaudeamus Igitur and receive a green ribbons from their headteacher. Green ribbon is a symbol of hope that leaving exams will be successfully passed.

At last I had very happy feelings from this because everybody was happy and every body enjoyed the party.

second version

Green ribbon party.

So, it´s a big day for students in 4th class at secondary high school or business academies. This day is for more students a day of big step, because they are standing before adult gate and they must jump over this „gate“.

Green ribbon party is practice usually at two last weeks of November and First week of December. This party is situated on many plaices. Usually it is in a hotel or restaurants, but sometimes in school or in abroad. It´s a evening for all. Students, their parents and teachers.

On this evening party students are represent their funny scenes, but before they represents their funny scenes, they have a sentiment with teachers and headmaster (director). After they get green ribbons. So, of course, a dinner is one of main part of this evening. I think the main part of this evening is amusement. Program of amusement is different. Every year, every students are different program. Next is free “dance”. Often it is a dancing with parents and teachers. About midnight is serve(d) layer cake ( often class-book, it´s individual for each class ) And In the end of this “evening procedure” is free dance ( amusement ) for students and their friends – disco and more .

So green ribbon party is great evening, because it is only for a once in our lives and memories for this evening are beautiful, very beautiful..
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