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My School
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The description of my school

Well, my school looks like the other schools in Slovakia, but there are several differences.
At first this building is configured to physically disabled students. So this is the main advantage. Others are ramps, elevators, boarding houses, swimming pool and fitness centre.
We don’t have to wear the same clothes like in the USA’s grammar schools. We are allowed to wear anything we want. I think, that this is very stupid rule

There are 15 students in my class, so I think that this is better, that in the other schools, where are much more people. And I think teachers like it to, because they can give attention to each of us.

As I said, we have swimming pool and fitness centre, where can we go during the sport lessons and also after the school.

On other side everything has disadvantage. For example long corridors. This is a big problem for the people, whose going, slow because they coming late every time.
The second is the high angle of ramps – sometimes I have really problems to make it and many times I’m so sweaty.

I think, my school that in my school is lot of thinks which can be better, because all schools in Slovakia are not perfect.
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