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Family, home, relationships
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maturitná otázka
A „family“ consists of people who are socially-related to one another.
„Kinship“ means connections between people that are „blood relationship“. An example might be that of a mother and child.
„Marriage“ si impotrant concept when talking about family life in our society.
A „household“ is a group of people who have a common residence. There is not necessarily any family or kinship relationship between them.
„Cohabitation“ is the idea that two people live together and raise their children without being legally/formally married, it is an increasingly popular choice.
„Monogamy type“- that is, you can only be legally married to one partner of the opposite Sex at any one time.
„Strict monogamy“- you are married to your partner until his/her death- divorce is prohibited(Southern Ireland).
„Polygamy“- a man can be married to more than one woman or in rather cases, a woman can be lagally married to more than one man.
people met and fall in love
„arranged marriages“- situation in which parents either decide or have a great say in the individual s choice of marriage partner
„inappropriate“- that is, marriage to someone whose family were not wealthy
There are a number of different family structures that we can identify as well as a number of „family structures“:
Extended Families: consists of three or more generations living in the same household
The Nuclear Family basically consists of two generations of family members living in the same household.
Single-Parent Families involve a single person plus dependent children.
The presence of this family structure can be attributed to 3 main factors:
an increase in the numbers of people divorcing,
pregnancy outside marriage,
the death of marriage partner.
Reconstituted Families(Step Families) are families headed by step-mothers or sep-fathers, involve parents, children of either spouse from a first marriage and children from their present marriage. This type of family structure is becoming increasingly common.
My future Marriage and Family 
I would like to get married because I want have a family. My future partner should be inteligent, polite and he should love me. He should also have good character, a sense of humor and similar interests as I have.

I would like to have a small wedding i a church because I believe in God. I would like to invite my family, relatives and my friends. A romantic place for a honeymoon would be in High Tatras or in Alpy. I would choose this place because I like the mountains. 

What do I think about divorce?
I think it is important to remain true and loyal to one partner because I will stay with him for the rest of my life. Divorce is unnecessary if people love and respect each other. 

What makes a good Marriage? 
To have a good marriage, a man and a woman should love and trust each other. People divorce because they are not willing to work on their problems. The partners should agree on basic things such as how spend money, bring up children,etc. 
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