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One area of Great Britain that always attracts many holidays-makers is Wales.

Wales is a land of many contracts. Some people love to walk in the mountains while others prefer the beautiful coastline. Those with an interest in history can visit the many castles that have survived. There are also many cultural differences and some wonderful traditions that can all add up to make Wales a wonderful holidays destination. All around the coast of Wales are some spectacular castles and they are very much part of the county´s history.

Most of Wales is covered by mountains. SNOWDON (1085m) in north – west Wales, is the highest mountain in England and Wales. In the south of the country the BRECON BEACONS are smooth areas when compared to the volcanic rocky mountains in the north. . The Brecon Beacons are a national park where there is a beautiful countryside, lakes , rivers and rounded hills. The North Wales coast has been visited by people ever since the seaside holiday became fashionable. Perhaps the most well known holiday town is “Llandudno”. South Wales has two areas of “Outstanding Natural Beauty” the valley of the river WYE and the coastline of the GOWER PENINSULA. In West Wales the coastline is particularly outstanding. The cliffs and offshore islands are home to many colonies of sea birds. There are also many sandy beaches to attract the holiday maker.

South Wales is an areas with the greatest contrasts . There is a marked industrial area. Coal mining and the steel industry were very important in the past. CARDIFF is the capital city and is on the south coast. SWANSEA is the second city. Mid- Wales is the quietest part of the country. There are small market towns and the resorts along this part of the coast are small. There was gold in the hills of this region and royal wedding rings are said to be made from Welsh gold. The Mid- Wales region is also the main sheep- farming area. Lamb is a popular meat dish in Britain , although sheep are also kept for their wool.

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