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Nature and environmental politics
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What do nature and environment mean to us? But not only to humans but to every living creature on this planet? These two words represent our life and our being on the Earth. Nature and environment create surrounding around us. Everything what we can see and perceive is nature and its elements. Animals, plants and even a human are also ones of these elements. Environment is very essential for living beings, and for that reason we are obliged to protect it as much as possible. The problem is, that it is not always, and nowadays, less and less in interest of people, to save our Earth, as it seems.

First of all, we should have a look at protection of our environment. Is it sufficient? Or should we do and care for it more? What are its positives and its drawbacks? Or I could make the question like this: Why ought we to do something to protect and to improve the state of environment and nature all around us? The answer is simple. If we don´t do it, we will die. Not today, not tomorrow, but as the conditons for our living are getting worse and worse, and the reason of it, is mankind itself, one day we kill ourselves.

As far as positives and drawbacks of protection are concerned, there is much done for saving our health environment. On the other hand, it is probably for sure, that there is still more to do and to fight against than positives of this problem.
So, another point is: what does the human being do so bad to the nature and environment? Let me have a closer look at it.
One of the biggest producers of pollution are factories and industry itself. Factories for their activies, in order to produce and make their products, use different chemicals containing dangerous substances and materials which in final consequences have enormous effects on nature, air and all surroundings. Almost every branch of industry, if it is for example tourism, oil industry or giant factories making products of all kinds, assists by their part to pollution.

We can divide the pollution into two categories. It is air pollution, and ground and water pollution. The first one, the air pollution, is mostly caused by traffic. Although all living beings share the air, only people pollute. Because only people use cars, buses, aeroplanes or motorcycles, and all of these vehicles play a large role in the creation of air pollution. These vehicles produce exhaust, which often gets trapped in the cities due to the wind currents created by the cityscape, causing smog in heavy congested areas, which smarts the eyes and chokes the senses.

The ground and water pollution, on the other hand, is caused by factories, power plants and normal households. As many factories don´t have an efficient cleaning system, they discharge their waste into the water system. Water is also endangered by tankers transporting oil. Thanks to accidents happening to these tankers, several million litres of water has been polluted and many fish and seabirds have died. Ground is also polluted by conventional agriculture, more closer by chemical fertilisers-major source of nitrous oxide, used instead of manure. Moreover, normal households pollute as-well. They not only use chemically based cleaning products, but also don´t separate trash, don´t recycle it and waste energy and water.

But probably the most dangerous for our planet, for air we breath, for seas – the home of enormous number of water creatures, for ground we live on and we grow plants in and for every living creature, are the factories producing so called greenhouse gases and then consequent of them are effects called greenhouse effect and the hole in the ozone layer.

First of all let me have a look on the second problem – the hole in the ozone layer. The ozone layer in the atmosphere works as a filter for the sun. In case of a damage of this layer there is a bigger possibility of the increase of skin cancer. Thanks to the hole in the ozone layer, the weather patterns are changing as-well. The hole was caused by the industrial and technological way of life of this century. Nowadays, there is vast amount of the gas Freon and CO2 released from cars, power plants, and homes. Responsible for the holes appearing over the Artic and the Antarctic, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) have been held too. Most CFCs are in the atmosphere as a result of their emission from household aerosols and also as a result of the burning of lightweight foam packaging as plastic coffee cups and the like.
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