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I live in a big turquoise house with a red roof. By our house, there is a big garden with a swimming pool in the middle. The house has two stages. Downstairs, there is an entrance hall, a living room with a dining room, a kitchen, a toilet and a room with PC. The hall, the living room and the dining room are done in brown colour. There is one carpet with flowers on it in each room. In the hall, there are some wardrobes and a chest of drawers. In our house there’s not a lot of pictures on the walls, but I would like to have them there. We haven’t also any pots with flowers, because nobody would take care of them. Our living room is large, because it is connected with the dining room. The walls are decorated with some leather pictures. On the right side there is a piano, a rocking chair and a big wooden table.

It’s oval in the shape and covered by the tablecloth. Around the table, there are 6 wooden chairs. On the left, there is a big leather sofa, which is very comfortable. On the sofa are some cushions. By the sofa is a small coffee table and 2 leather seats. Behind the seats, there is a bookcase, but the most of our books is in the room with PC. By the bookcase, there are some cupboards, a television, a video recorder and an audio station. An electric light is hanging from the middle of the ceiling. Our kitchen is the most frequented room in our house. It’s a quite large room. There are common things like in every normal kitchen. The kitchen unit consists of drawers, some cupboards, a sink, a coffeemaker, an oven and a fridge. There is one large window to our garden. By the window, there is a rectangular table with 4 chairs. The kitchen is done in black and white colour. There are also door to closet. A lot of things are in the closet: two fridges, a microwave and racks full of food. I like our kitchen, because I love cooking and, of course, eating.

Small toilet is also on this floor. It’s done completely in pink colour. Next to the toilet, there is the room with PC. It is full of shelves, which are full of books. In the corner of the room, there is a PC table with my computer. I spend there a lot of my free time. When the weather is too bad, our dogs sleep on the floor in this room.
My bedroom is on the second floor. The walls are peachy and the furniture is turquoise. Next to the door, there is my bed. I would like to have double bed, because the single bed is quite small. By the bed, there is a cupboard with mirror, a sofa, television with video recorder, DVD player and small audio station. Behind the television, there is a big window and door to the balcony. The curtains on the window are very long, orange and with flowers on it. On the right side, there are some cupboards, wardrobes and my table with a lamp and a black swivel chair. Next to my room is a room of my brother and my parents’ room. Both rooms are more spacious than mine, but my room is the most beautiful. Next to my parents bedroom is a room, where we store old clothes and some other thins like a vacuum cleaner. The bathroom, which is on this floor, is done in blue colour and it is very beautiful, I think. In the corner, there is a large white bathtub, which I love. There are also a shower cubicle and two cupboards with sinks and with two large mirrors. Each mirror has two small lamps in the corners. By the bathroom, there is second toilet, which is blue too.

Since I was born I have been living in a village. At first, we lived in a flat. I lived there till I was ten. Then we moved to the house, but it is also in the town. So I have to admit that I don’t know much about living at the country and I probably wouldn’t change my way and style of living. But I think that living in a town surely brings a lot of advantages. When I look at it from my position, as a young person who wants to get good education and knowledge and then will want to start a career, a city or a bigger town is exactly better. First of all, a town appears a great supply of schools, universities and, of course, vacancies. That’s why cities usually have lower rate of unemployment. But towns are bigger not only by their area, but also by a number of inhabitants and there is a need of more improved social life. Extended sport centres, nightclubs, theatres, cinemas and other cultural centres fill up spare time of people living there. The other advantage of a town is certainly a higher standard of health service, including hospitals, first aid stations and specialists among doctors. Lastly mentioned advantage, but surely not last, is a wide network of markets, shops and large shopping centres, which save a lot of time to buyers.

But living in a town has also a lot of disadvantages. When I write about shopping network, I have to mention, that prices of goods and services aren’t very low. According to my experience, that the bigger the town is, the higher prices are. In addition, too many people in the streets of a town or a city make too much noise, drive too many vehicles and the result of all of this is too hectic atmosphere, stress and polluted air. Hand in hand with polluted air goes also mess along the streets and polluted environment. Very serious problem of a town is higher level of criminality. In big cities you can meet almost every kind of criminals, beginning with pickpockets, drug dealers and ending with murderers.

Contrary to towns, country has definitely healthier environment. People from cities spend their weekends at their cottages in countryside because of less traffic, less stress, fewer people and fresh air. Some people consider country life to be a bit boring as I do. But I believe that there’s always something to do. You can’t go to the cinema or theatre, but you can spend your time by walking in forest and pick mushrooms, for example. You can grow vegetables, fruit trees, flowers or breed a lot of pets or also farm animals. The last fact, which I have to mention, is keeping traditions. It’s much more important for village people then for people from city. Traditional costumes, ceremonies and feasts belong to their life.
When I will be older, I would like to live in a town surely. But it wouldn’t be very large city. Something like Humenné, where I have been living all my life.
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