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My familly
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At first, something about me.
My name is J. L. and I live in a small town, which is called Humenné and lies in Slovakia. I was born in this town. It was on 14th February 1989. I’m single. I still study at secondary grammar school in Humenné, but I hope, that I will leave it soon.

My appearance is very common. I have dark brown eyes, pale skin, full tempting lips and long straight blond hair (they are brown originally, but I dye them regularly). I wear a fringe, cause my forehead is quite high. My height is 172cm and I think, that I’m quite tall. My weight is about 55kg, but it’s very changeable. I have a lot of moles all over the body and several freckles too, mainly under the eyes. A few years ago, I wore glasses, but now I wear only contact lenses. There is also the nice nose and – usually - a smile on my face. I have quite big ears and I try to hide them. So I wear interesting earrings. I often also wear a make-up and a lipstick. I try to wear trendy clothes mostly, but sometimes I like to put on really shabby clothes which are much more comfortable. But I have already found out, that I will never have enough clothes, shoes and other accessories. But I think that it isn’t so strange because I’m just a woman.

In regard to my character, I find myself quite nervous, jealous, clever, fussy and – usually – full of energy and enthusiasm. I don’t like people that are tight, conventional and that can’t enjoy their lives, because I try to enjoy mine every time.
Now something about my family.

My family is neither big, nor small, neither interesting, nor boring. It’s an absolutely common family. My fathers name is J., he was born in 1951 and he is a doctor. My mothers name is Ľ., she was born in 1957 and she works as a teacher. I have one brother, his name is Ľ. B. and he was born in 1977. He comes from my mother’s first marriage. Today, he works as a lawyer. The family of my father is from B. n. C., where my father was born too. It’s generally known, that the people from B. n. C. are a bit insane. I can say, that it’s completely true. I don’t like them very much, but what can I do? Nobody can choose his own family, neither can I. My father has one brother and one sister. He had had one more brother, but he died long time ago. He hasn’t got both parents, because my grandfather died in 2001, the same day as my mother was 44. My mother has still both parents. Her mother is possibly more active person than my mother. She lives in Humenné and she visits us very often, because she loves gardening and takes care of our garden. My mother has one brother, who lives in Switzerland.

Altogether I have 10 cousins. They aren’t very close to me, except my cousin Simon, who lives in Switzerland and in Bratislava. Since childhood we have been like a brother and a sister.

The relations in our family are various. Basically everyone loves each other from the bottom of his heart, but sometimes we don’t know how to show it. There was always a good relation between my brother and me. We understand each other and hold together. Even if I had some objections against him, it wouldn’t have any effect, because he is more than 11 years older than me. This is also the reason, why we have never fought. In 2004, he got married to Janka Obertová. She is my very good friend. We are like sisters. I visit them often, because they live in a house very near to ours. Two years ago, I became an aunt. I have a niece/nephew, her/his name is Ema/Martinko and she/he is 2 years old. Sometimes I stay in their house at night and I do a free babysitter.

At home, I usually tidy up, wash up, cook and bake. I love baking, but usually when I bake something, it’s so good, that I must eat it almost all. I like washing up too – it’s so easy when you have a dishwasher! A work, which I hate the most, is ironing. I can’t do it, cause it’s extremely boring and monotonous. In contrast, baking and cooking are very creative and funny activities. But I can’t bake very often, only when I have a lot of time or when we celebrate something. For example, at Christmas, I bake a lot of pies and cakes.

We don’t organize any family celebrations, because my mother hates it. It’s only a lot of work, much more than pleasure. My family in B. n. C. always celebrates when ever they can find only a small reason to celebrate. But some celebrations, which I don’t organize - where I’m only a guest, can be real fun.
In the future, I would like to have my own family. At first, I will have to find a man, who will become my husband. Certainly, he will have to be very kind and sweet, responsible and helpful. He will have to be a good father too, because I would like to have two children, one boy and one girl. My husband would be a graduate of university like I would like to be. I would like to continue my studies at The University of Matej Bel in Banská Bystrica. I would like to study diplomacy or law. My future family and me would live in a big house with one pool at least and with one little dog. This time, I live very similarly.

Generally, a family is the basic unit of society that performs a lot of roles. From my point of view the main role is to bring up children. But there are a lot of families that can’t do it properly. Nowadays it’s quite expensive to have a child, to create good conditions for its growth, to give it a good education and a good start to life. So most of families contain no more than 3 children. Several years ago it was a bit different. Families included much more children, sometimes up to 10. The reason no. 1 of decreased natality is the progress in using anticonception. Almost every woman and girl uses it in fright of unplanned pregnancy. Women become mothers much older, when they are ready for children. On the contrary of decreasing natality, the divorce rate is increasing. At the present time many people change several partners during their lives. Women are equal to men and earn the same salaries, so they aren’t dependent on their husbands. They are independent and prepared for all cases in their marriages. The divorces create monoparental families, which aren’t suitable for good growth of children.
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